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Ending City: The Complete Series by E1 ENTERTAINMENT
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Hailed as "imaginative and fun" (Entertainment Weekly) and "unlike anything else" (Time Out NY) – the complete, award-winning series as seen on the Sundance Channel.

After being told that she has breast cancer, Katie (Maria Del Mar) stumbles onto the set of a hospital-based reality show. Her engaging personality stuns the TV world and electrifies the audience. Suddenly, she is thrust into the spotlight and single-handedly turns the show into a hit. Now, Katie – along with her conflicted husband Ari (Gil Bellows), three rebellious kids and difficult father-in-law – must cope with fame, fear, life and death. Stay tuned!

DVD Extras:
Bonus interviews with creator, cast and crew
Terminal City resides at the intersection of one of contemporary society's most serious, terrifying phenomena--cancer--and one of its most frivolous, though nearly as ubiquitous--reality TV. The resulting fictional series, produced in Canada, is a riveting satire that manages to be respectful and nuanced in the drama its ill characters face, while skewering the crass voyeurism that reality TV has spawned. The show follows Katie (played by Maria Del Mar), a married mom who learns she has breast cancer. At the hospital to begin her treatment, she lands squarely in the midst of a reality show called "Post-Op," hosted by an unctuous and untelegenic doctor whose platitudes are lame at best and unhelpful at worst ("We must all show compassion to the littlest people," he pronounces, after examining a child with an arm in a sling.)

Katie is captured on camera, and manages to steal the show--literally. She becomes the new host of the series, and Terminal City then follows her own personal dramas along with the ones happening live on set. It's like The Truman Show meets EdTV with a little bit of Dr. 90210, only with much more serious implications. Del Mar is a capable, captivating star, and the rest of the Canadian cast, including Gil Bellows (Ally McBeal) as Katie's husband, is terrific. The show intends to make the audience squirm, and it succeeds--and will give viewers something to think about the next time they tune in to a reality show. Extras include a moving interview with the series' creator and executive producer, Angus Fraser, who relates how he came up with the idea: a cancer scare involving his own mother, in which "the door was open and we could see what it would be like to lose a parent at a very young age." The show itself is dedicated to continuing to look into that scary open door. --A.T. Hurley

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