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From Dr. Michael Mosley, author of The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet, and Mimi Spencer comes a revised and updated edition of the #1 New York Times bestseller The FastDiet, complete with new science, recipes, and tips for easy fasting!

Is it possible to eat normally—five days a week—and become slimmer and healthier as a result?

Simple answer: yes. You just limit your calorie intake for two nonconsecutive days each week—500 calories for women, 600 for men. You’ll lose weight quickly and effortlessly with The FastDiet.

Scientific trials have shown that intermittent fasting will help the pounds fly off and reduce your risk of diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer, offering a dietary program you can incorporate into your busy daily life. This revised and updated edition of the #1 New York Times bestseller features:

-More quick and easy fast day recipes

-A new section on the psychology of dieting

-The latest research on the science behind the program

-Dozens of new testimonials

Far from being just another fad, The FastDiet is a radical new way of thinking—your indispensable guide to simple and effective weight loss, without fuss or the need to endlessly deprive yourself.
Product Description
From #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fast Diet and The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet comes a life-changing look at your gut—home to your “second brain”—and the crucial role it plays in your health and your weight.

Your gut is astonishingly clever. It contains millions of neurons—as many as you would find in the brain of a cat—and is home to the microbiome, an army of tiny organisms that influence your mood, your immune system, and even your appetite.

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Mosley takes us on a revelatory journey through the gut, showing how junk food and overuse of antibiotics have wiped out many “good” gut bacteria leading to a modern plague of allergies, food intolerances, and obesity. Drawing from the latest cutting-edge research, Dr. Mosley provides scientifically proven ways to control your cravings, boost your mood, and lose weight by feeding the “good” bacteria that keep you healthy and lean, while staving off “bad” bacteria that contribute to weight gain and disease.

Dr. Mosley also shares a simple two-phase healing program, an effective way to repair and replenish the microbiome and to ease intestinal distress. Discover how foods like chocolate, red wine, and cheese can be part of a gut-healthy diet; how fasting can strengthen the gut and boost “good” bacteria; how changing your microbiome can undo the damage of yo-yo dieting; and how opening a window (and other simple acts) can improve gut health.

Packed with delicious, healing recipes, meal plans, checklists, and tips, The Clever Gut Diet includes all the tools you need to transform your gut and your health for the rest of your life.

The Cheat's Guide to slimming down and sexing up from Michael Mosley - Irish Independent

We are told we should be doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week and, surprisingly enough, most people claim to hit that target. We know this because of studies where a random section of the population are fitted with accelerometers, devices that measure the amount of activity you actually do as opposed to what you claim you do. What these studies have consistently shown is... Instead, I keep my eyes open for "cheats", either ways of getting the biggest benefit for the least effort, or building exercise into my daily life in such a way that I am barely aware that I am doing it. Whether you "cheat" or not, there are two... The first is aerobic exercise, working your heart and lungs. The other form of exercise, which is just as important but more rarely talked about, is resistance training. Resistance training helps to build, or at least preserve, the muscles you currently have. A major reason for loss of tone is loss of muscle. From the age of 40 we typically lose up to 1pc of muscle mass every year. Shrinking muscle not only reduces your sex appeal but also your metabolic rate, and that contributes to weight gain. Unlike fat, muscle is metabolically active, burning calories even when you are sleeping. So how can you keep your muscles in good shape without taking out an expensive gym membership. While making a new series of Trust Me, I'm a Doctor for the BBC, I got together with Dr Phil Atherton, an exercise expert at the Royal Derby Hospital, to find out. Dr Phil had devised a set of exercises using everyday objects that he felt the average person could easily do and which would make a genuine difference in a relatively short time (see the exercises below). So we recruited a group of volunteers, all of them well over 40, and asked them to try out Dr Phil's muscle-building regime for four weeks. Before our volunteers started, they went through a battery of tests, with our experts measuring things like power, strength and muscle size. Then they went away for a month to get stuck in. Well, the results of our DIY approach to resistance training were, I have to say, pretty impressive. Source:

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  • The Cheat's Guide to slimming down and sexing up from Michael Mosley

    01/10/16 ,via Irish Independent

    The Cheat's Guide to slimming down and sexing up from Michael Mosley. Hold off on signing up for a pricey gym membership this January - instead try diet and fitness guru Michael Mosley's Cheat's Guide to exercising, using everyday household objects 

  • Michael Mosley: The truth about alcohol

    01/07/16 ,via BBC News

    Michael Mosley has given up alcohol for January - but does anyone know exactly what effect drinking has on our health? You can't open a newspaper at this time of year without reading a story about moderate alcohol consumption being good or bad for you, 


#Google Thirty seconds going flat out doesnt sound hard but some people find 01/12/16, @ParentNFamily
Michael Mosley: When is it safe to reheat leftovers? | MVR Insurance Agency 01/12/16, @MVRAgency
I was wrong - we should be feasting on FAT, says The Fast Diet author via @Femail 01/12/16, @judy_bb


  • Michael Lewis's Cassoulet de Canard

    california, beef broth, black pepper, cloves, duck legs, white beans, garlic, garlic, lamb, onions, leaves, bread crumbs, pork rind, goose, salt, thyme, tomato


  • FastExercise

    Simon and Schuster. 2014. ISBN: 9781476759999,1476759995. 208 pages.

    Just ten minutes a day, three times a week, can change your health for life. Hailed as “a health revolution” by the New York Times, Michael Mosley’s FastDiet—also known as the 5:2 diet—gave the world a healthy new way to lose weight through intermittent fasting. Now, Dr. Mosley addresses the essential complement to the FastDiet—FastExercise—teaming up with leading sports scientist Professor Jamie Timmons and super-fit health journalist Peta Bee to turn conventional wisdom on its head when it comes to working out. Responding to the latest research on high-intensity training (HIT), FastExercise dispenses with the practice of boring, time-consuming regimens, demonstrating that all it takes is half an hour a week to lower blood glucose levels, reduce your risk for disease, help you lose weight, and maximize your overall health. Throughout the book, the authors offer a range of workouts that take just ten minutes a day, three times a week, and can be done anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s pedaling at high resistance while waiting for your kettle to boil or holding a plank during commercials, research has shown the extraordinary impact that ultra-short bursts of HIT can have, whatever your age or level of fitness. Throughout, Michael Mosley and Peta Bee break down the science behind this radically different approach to exercise and give you the tools to take advantage of the most flexible and efficient method out there. It’s a practical, enjoyable way to get maximal benefits in minimal time, short and fast, something that can become a sustainable part of your routine, as instinctive as brushing your teeth. The benefits are innumerable, and the time to start is now.

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  • 2015 BroadwayWorld Chicago Awards: AMERICAN IDIOT, BOY FROM OZ, Drury Lane Theatre Head the Winners List; Paparelli Posthumously Honored

    01/11/16 ,via Broadway World

    Thompson, hosted the Celebration along with The Call 's drag hostess, Ashley Morgan. Assisting at the sign-in table were Michael Mosley, Jason Sanicki and Jose Alarcon, with incoming editor Misha Davenport. Theater professionals and fans, seemingly seated ...

  • The Cheat's Guide to slimming down and sexing up from Michael Mosley

    01/11/16 ,via Irish Independent

    Model Sarah Morrissey puts Michael Mosley's exercise 'cheats' to the test. Photo: David Conachy. Sarah Morrissey tries out the broom deadlift. Photo: David Conachy. Exercise. You know you should but if you are anything like me then you find it hard to make ...

  • Five myths of alcohol

    01/09/16 ,via BBC

    Science journalist and TV presenter Dr Michael Mosley was asked by the Today programme to dispel his favourite alcohol myths, such as the idea that red wine is good for you. "There has long been this idea there is this marvellous stuff in red wine called ...


Michael Mosley - IMDb

Michael Mosley, Actor: The Proposal. Michael Mosley has been bringing characters to life in film, television, and on stage for the past decade. Mosley can currently ...

Michael Mosley (broadcaster) - Wikipedia, the free ...

Michael Mosley; Born (1957-03-22) March 22, 1957 (age 58) Kolkata, India: Nationality: British: Alma mater: New College, Oxford: Occupation: journalist, producer

Michael Mosley - journalist, physician, producer and TV ...

Michael Mosley is a science presenter, journalist and executive producer. He recently presented Inside the Human Body and the BAFTA nominated Young Ones for BBC1, as ...

Michael Mosley (actor) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Michael Mosley; Born (1978-09-16) September 16, 1978 (age 37) Iowa City, Iowa, U.S. Occupation: Actor: Years active: 2001–present: Spouse(s) Anna Camp (2010–13)

Michael Mosley Actor Michael Mosley arrives at the Disney ABC ...

Michael Mosley Actor Michael Mosley arrives at the Disney ABC ...

... 2008 photo by jesse steccato names michael mosley michael mosley

... 2008 photo by jesse steccato names michael mosley michael mosley
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Michael Mosley Joins Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara in ‘Don’t ...

Michael Mosley Joins Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara in ‘Don’t ...
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