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Be inspired to live an altogether different kind of life rooted in a more radical kind of love.

"In my translation there is no suggestion that readers should believe in anything, join an organization, or abandon their cherished religious and philosophical ideals. I see no reason why a Christian, an agnostic, a Buddhist, or even an atheist would not be charmed and inspired by the Gospels. Anyone can freely and without any worries read the Gospels and be enriched."
―from the Introduction to Gospel

In his fresh and life-giving translation of the Gospels with sparkling commentary, spiritual innovator Thomas Moore strips the Gospels of their theological agendas and reclaims them as a fundamentally new way of imagining human life. He blends scholarship and pastoral guidance to highlight the Gospels' teachings on earthly, rather than otherwordly, living in which community, compassion, inclusiveness, prayer and healing are key elements.

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Have you ever asked these questions? "Don't all Deaf people read lips?" "Is it OK to say 'deaf-mute' and 'deaf-and-dumb'?" "Do all deaf people benefit from hearing aids?" "What bothers a deaf person most about hearing people?" Here, in a handy question-and-answer format, are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about deaf people, their community, and their language. Concise, easy-to-read, designed for those with no prior background, For Hearing People Only makes a formidably complex subject accessible. Each chapter can be read as an independent unit. This is the first book of its kind-written especially for laypeople who are curious about deaf people, and would like to separate truth from stereotype, fact from misconception, reality from myth. "Offers a quick fix without the mishmash of long-winded discourses and scholarly sources. Enlightening to deaf people, including myself. Honest and fair, with sage observations. A practical Handbook on Deaf Life and "The Deaf Reality." Should provoke lively discussions in class." - Dr. Robert F. Panara, Emeritus Professor of English & Drama at National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology

Father Matthew Moore: Let me show you the biblical basis for blessing the Kanawha River - Charleston Gazette-Mail (subscription)

Recently, my parish of St. John the Baptist hosted a river blessing on the University of Charleston riverfront, praying that God would come down, sanctify the Kanawha, and protect and save our land and its inhabitants. This drew the ire of someone who felt strongly enough to contact the Readers’ Vent , saying that Jesus never told us to bless water in the Bible, and perhaps we should read ours. While I pay little heed to a section dedicated to anonymous complaints (last year someone accused us of capitalizing on the water crisis to get donations for our parish — completely untrue), I wonder if others ask a form of the same question. Why is the Orthodox Church doing something that doesn’t happen specifically in the Bible. I can assure you that the blessing of the water is Biblically based, and it lies in the above passage. 28:18-20) and also to wait for the Promise of the Father (Lk 24:49). Once the Holy Spirit descended upon them at Pentecost, those eleven, along with Mathias (Acts 1:26), set out to spread the Good News of God’s intersection with humanity, saving... The Church started without scripture. They knew the daunting task to oversee such a large operation and made deacons to oversee the feeding of widows (Acts 6:1-7). It’s the same Church where we see many examples of St. Paul using others to evangelize on his behalf. in the following centuries they would write some of the most beautiful theology regarding the Trinity, salvation, the work of the Church, sacramental worship and defenses against heresy. It was also the Church that ratified, by the guidance of the Spirit, our Bible, in the mid-300s. And with love for that scripture recognized that water could be deadly (Gen. 7) or life-giving (Ex. 17:6). that Moses threw a tree into Marah to make the water sweet (Ex. 15:22-27). that encounters with God made spaces holy (Gen. that items themselves can be made holy (Ex. 25:30). that God’s descending into the Jordan River was, to put it mildly, an incredibly significant event. So the Church set aside a holy day for Christ’s baptism, spending the night prior in vigil and the reading of scriptures, to bless water to splash on the Faithful and bless their homes, and to drink when ill. So the Christian Church, for at least 1800 years, has practiced an action not in the Bible, but deeply rooted in it. The reality is that every single church leader (all Christians, for that matter) makes decisions by reading the. Source:

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  • Father Matthew Moore: Let me show you the biblical basis for blessing the Kanawha River

    Father Matthew Moore of St. John Greek Orthodox Church prepares to toss an ice cross in the Kanawha River in a ceremony to bless the river and community in 2016. Father Matthew Moore. Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye 

  • Maryland man arrested in connection with fatal DC shooting

    02/06/17 ,via Washington Post

    A Maryland man was arrested Monday in connection with a fatal shooting in the District last month, authorities said. At around 6:40 a.m. on Jan. 17, officers responded to the 600 block of 14th Place Northeast for the report of a shooting and found two


Is it true that complexity confuses programmers? by Matthew Moore 02/13/17, @akinwunmi49
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  • Ielts Speaking Tips and Skills to Get 7

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2015. ISBN: 9781312928985,1312928980.

    Most people would agree that an OK score in speaking is 5 or 6. Many students now realise that a score of 5 or 6 for speaking is not enough for their study requirements. Many students spend months preparing for the IELTS speaking test and still find it difficult to score 7 or higher. In fact some candidates actually score lower than they potentially could have scored. There are a few reasons behind this poor performance and these will be discussed in detail throughout this book, but one major factor is the lack of quality material available for IELTS speaking preparation. There are a number of IELTS speaking books on the market but this book aims to break new ground by focusing on how to prepare for and achieve a speaking score of 7 (or maybe higher). All of the skills and strategies presented in this book are typical of a high scoring speaking candidate. This book is intended for anyone who intends to take the IELTS test; it will also help learners of English improve their speaking skills.

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  • Marlo Hampton And Kenya Moore: ‘RHOA’ Fans Think She Crossed The Line

    02/13/17 ,via The Inquisitr

    ... not even her own mother wanted anything to do with Moore. And that was a low blow. But Marlo didn’t stop there. “That’s weird because Kenya pays for people service’s also #Walter #Matt who will be the next client? #RHOA,” Marlo Hampton ...

  • Andy Poarch, 72, of Moravian Falls dies on Friday

    02/13/17 ,via Wilkes Journal Patriot

    Steve Moore and wife, Sharon, of Moravian Falls; his grandchildren, Derek Triplett, Matthew Moore and finance, Delana Hutchens, all of Wilkesboro, and Michael Moore and Rebecca Moore, both of Moravian Falls; his sisters, Linda Haynes and husband ...

  • Oscars: Matt Damon on the Financial Risks of Making 'Manchester by the Sea,' Advice for Host (and Frenemy) Jimmy Kimmel

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    In his career, Matt Damon has earned Oscar noms for lead actor (Good Will ... along with Kimberly Steward, Lauren Beck and Chris Moore, for a film he once planned to direct and star in. Damon spoke with THR about making the movie on budget, how the awards ...


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Matthew Moore of Ada County, Idaho on Mon Jul 20, 2015 | Busted in ...

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