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Woody Allen’s “Crisis” debacle: When the filmmaker said Amazon would regret this deal, he wasn’t joking

Recall the great pride with which Amazon Studios announced to the world that it was giving users the power to select which of its pilots would become full series, with the idea being that the public would view and rate each offering. This would let the company know which projects actually had a chance of finding an audience. Since Amazon’s first pilot season ran in 2013, the question as to how much influence customers actually wield in the selection process has been raised time and again. In the case of Amazon’s deal with Allen, however, there was no mystery. In January 2015 the trades announced that the company had picked up a full season of what would eventually become “Crisis” without the filmmaker having ever produced a pilot or even proving that he an inkling of how to create serialized... “I don’t know how I got into this,” Allen was quoted as saying in the press release. At the time this was laughed off as an example of Allen’s signature neurosis. Since I survived viewing those six episodes of “Crisis,” allow me to assure you that was a warning. Allen mentioned several times afterward that he wished he had never taken the deal, confessing to Deadline in one interview, “I haven’t had a pleasurable moment since I undertook it. ”. That much is clear upon viewing the first few minutes of... ” Not only is this the work of an auteur who is lost, but also it’s the work of one motivated by little more than truckloads of cash. Allen all but admits this in one vaguely autobiographical scene when his character, Sidney Munsinger, is delivering an epically awful pitch to a TV network. The fictional network executives are visibly unimpressed. I cannot imagine a circumstance under which an Amazon customer watching the first episode of “Crisis in Six Scenes” would give it a high rating. I can’t even imagine most people getting even halfway through it. And remember, each episode is only about 22 minutes long. This means that in terms of its total runtime, “Crisis in Six Scenes” is tighter than many theatrical films and yet it feels like it will never end. Not in that artistic “time stood still” way, but in the sense that every second yawns wide and rudely, bathing the viewer in the hot garbage breath of pointlessness. To be fair, there’s about 40 minutes of a decent Woody Allen film lurking in “Crisis,” but you’d have to sort through a stew pot of gobbledygook to retrieve the pieces and assemble them into something workable. In fact, the titular “Crisis” doesn’t kick off until the second episode, when Miley Cyrus. Source: Salon: in-depth news, politics, business, technology & culture Salon

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    Coming from a conservative family and preparing to settle down with his equally conservative girlfriend Ellie (Brosnahan), his world is turned upside down when the free-spirited Lennie (Cyrus) comes into the picture. For Magaro, being directed by and

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    The Big Short actor John Magaro says director Woody Allen "beats himself up" over every movie he makes. The 33-year-old actor said Allen, 80, always doubts his ability to work harder for a successful final product, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


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  • John Magaro

    Book on Demand Limited. 2012. ISBN: 5512781774,9785512781777. 168 pages.

    High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! John Robert Magaro (born February 16, 1983) is an American film, television and stage actor. He will star alongside James Gandolfini in Twylight Zones (2012)-the upcoming feature film debut of David Chase, creator of The Sopranos.


John Magaro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Robert Magaro (born February 16, 1983) is an American film, television and stage actor. He starred alongside James Gandolfini in Not Fade Away (2012) — the ...

John Magaro - IMDb

John Magaro, Actor: Carol. John Magaro is an actor, known for Carol (2015), Unbroken (2014) and The Big Short (2015).

John Magaro — Ethnicity of Celebs | What Nationality ...

Birth Name: John Robert Magaro Place of Birth: Akron, Ohio Date of Birth: February 16, 1983 Ethnicity: *Italian (father) *Ashkenazi Jewish (mother) John Magaro is an ...

'Big Short' Actor John Magaro Is Hiding in Plain Sight ...

John Magaro doesn’t usually celebrate his birthday. Despite the fact that he landed one of the lead roles in “The Big Short,” playing Charlie Geller, a nerd ...