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Flourish by Cinequest
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Gaby Winters is desperate. In order to pick up some extra cash, she has agreed to babysit a precocious and smart assed 16 year old girl. But while Gaby is supposedly watching her, the rebellious girl mysteriously vanishes. Urgently needing to find the defiant girl before the parents come home, Gaby embarks on a wild adventure which leads her on a seemingly endless search, encountering numerous bewildering, amusing and sometimes dangerous characters.

We first meet Gaby being video recorded while she is recounting the story of her bizarre evening. As her tale becomes more and more embellished with myriad twisting subplots, it is impossible to determine what is true and what is a figment of Gaby's fertile imagination. But one thing is clear: her story is one of total chaos and anarchy.

Jennifer Morrison (TV's House) gives an audacious performance as Gaby, a young woman who yearns for the trust she has so assiduously failed to earn. As her storytelling spins more and more out of control, Gaby seeks to find answers to not only a situation but also a world that seems to have too many questions. Director Kevin Palys has created an original and surprising tale that warns that many layers have to be uncovered before one can seize control of an out-of-control situation.

Once Upon a Time: Is Emma Marked For Death and More Answers to Your Burning Premiere Questions - TV Guide (blog)

Emma was dealt the rawest of raw deals in the premiere when she started receiving premonitions of the future that revealed a hooded figure stabbing her with a sword after a tense sword fight. It turns out there's a history of Saviors never being able to enjoy their own happy endings, but Horowitz and Kitsis reveal that there's even more at stake for Emma this season. "We've seen [Emma] grow, fight and all these travels. Are you doing it out of the sake of duty or do you really believe in it. ," Kitsis said. "We really wanted to get into Emma's head this year in a character way and explore what it means to have this responsibility. Once Upon a Time bosses reveal Emma and Aladdin's Savior parallels. Of course, Emma's struggles with the knowledge of her impending death are only compounded by the fact she's hiding what she's learned from everyone she loves, including Hook ( Colin O'Donoghue ). She's going to have to learn to overcome those... "When Emma has a problem, she reverts back to Season 1. She can have these great scenes of hugging Henry, hugging her mom, and telling Regina they're buddies. Then all of a sudden, when something comes up she reverts back," Kitsis continued. Now that she's said, 'I love you,' we thought, well if you're letting that wall down and letting all those good things in, all the bad things are going to come in. It's that push-pull that's going to be driving them. For now, Emma will be traveling the course alone as the show digs deeper into the mythology of Saviors, including Aladdin ( Deniz Akdeniz ) and the ones that came before. We can only hope that by the time Hook and Emma's family figure out what's going on with her, it's not too late. Rumple, Belle and Morpheus -- Storybrooke's New Dysfunctional Family. In the most shocking moment of the episode, we found out Morpheus ( Giles Matthey ) is actually Rumple and Belle's unborn son all grown up (this is what happens when you sprinkle magic dream dust on your estranged wife's womb). It's a relief to see that Rumple and Belle's child was born safely, but it turns out that he already has some very strong opinions about his dad and was willing to double-cross Rumpelstiltskin of all people to try and protect Belle. Now that Belle has woken from her sleeping curse, she's taking her son's advice and keeping both her and the baby away from her husband. Source:

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  • Once Upon a Time: Is Emma Marked For Death and More Answers to Your Burning Premiere Questions

    09/26/16 ,via TV Guide (blog)

    Sunday's premiere revealed a startling prophecy about Emma's (Jennifer Morrison) fate as a Savior, Rumple's (Robert Carlyle) not-so-great chances of winning back Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and the Evil Queen's (Regina Parrilla) return to Storybrooke. In

  • Bethel Bible Village Appoints Jennifer Morrison As CFO

    09/14/16 ,via The Chattanoogan

    “Through Bethel, God has given me the unique opportunity to use my experience and skills in a way that helps change the lives of children and families in our community,” Ms. Morrison said. “It is the perfectly wonderful balance of spreadsheets and


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  • Jennifer's Granola

    almonds, brown sugar, vegetable oil, cinnamon, flax seed, honey, pecan, sunflower seed, rolled oat, salt, vanilla extract, water, wheat germ


  • Mission Revolution

    Columbia University Press. 2012. ISBN: 9780231526821,0231526822. 272 pages.

    Jennifer Morrison Taw examines the military's sudden embrace of stability operations and their implications for American foreign policy and war.


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