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  • Air dirtying changes what bugs colonise our airways

    09/12/17 ,via New Scientist

    To look into one workable cause, Jacopo Mariani and his colleagues at the University of Milan, Italy, took nasal swabs from 40 people living in and surrounding Milan to investigate whether pollution affected the types of bacteria that colonise our airways.

  • Bilos får bakterierne i din næse til at flytte

    09/19/17 ,via Ingeniøren

    Derfor har Jacopo Mariani og hans kolleger fra University of Milan undersøgt 40 personer i og omkring Milano for at finde ud af, hvordan luftforurening påvirker de typer af bakterier, der normalt plejer at bo i folks luftveje. Metoden var simpelthen



  • Catalogue of Ahead of time Telescopes

    Giunti Editore. 1999. ISBN: 8809216806,9788809216808. 111 pages.



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