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Izabella Miko, Actress, Signed Photo, COA, UACC RD 036
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Izabella Miko, Actress, Signed Photo, COA, UACC RD 036

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13 Versions Of What “Sexy” Looks Like Around The Globe

Our world really is a massive place, and thus there are many varying ideas about pretty much everything. This includes what exactly it is that constitutes a woman’s “sexiness. ” Different countries and different areas of the planet naturally have different tastes in everything from food to film to women. So it is interesting to place these ideals of beauty (and beyond) side by side to compare what it is that different nationalities value in the physicality of a woman. All of the following women are exceptional by any country’s standards no doubt, but even so, everyone likes what they like. We all have our preferences, and it is no different when it comes to what we each consider attractive or hot. Likely our culture plays a role in that too, as you will soon see. Now the following are, of course, a generalization based on the testimony of natives from each country. I present to you the “sexiest women” (or representations of them) from 13 vastly different countries around the globe. Many share the same visions of perfection, but some (I’m looking at you, Iran) are actually quite random, and not what one would expect at all- that is, if we are going to go by stereotypes. In France, the notion of what constitutes beauty is far different than in America. There, the school of thought is that natural beauty is the way to go. They do not have the same love of heavy makeup that many Americans do, and consider women graceful and glamorous at every age. Ivory Coast-born French model Marine Vatch embodies this ideal of beauty in her country. Malaysians value fair skin, like many Asian countries do. In fact, the fairer the better, and as long as your complexion is a so-called “pearly white,” nothing else matters too much. However, a slim body and flatter chest seem to be the preferred traits, the latter being something very different from the general American thoughts on the subject. Also like many Asian countries, Malaysian women are not supposed to be “fat,” though their definition of the word is questionable, and would likely include many women considered “average” in the West. One model in Malaysia that is an accurate representation of this ideal woman is Maya Karin, a television host, singer, and actress. She is indeed slim and not the bustiest woman ever, and clearly she possesses the all-important light skin. Source: BEYOND KOOL

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  • Izabella Miko tańczy na rurze!

    08/17/16 ,via Wirtualna Polska

    35-latka znana jest ze swojego zainteresowania tańcem. To z nim Izabella Miko wiązała przyszłość, kiedy jako czternastolatka wyjechała do Stanów Zjednoczonych. Podstaw uczyła się w American Ballet Association w Nowym Jorku, jednak przez kontuzję 

  • Izabella Miko: nigdy nie miałam kompleksu polskości

    08/12/16 ,via

    Jako nastolatka wyjechała do Stanów Zjednoczonych, by tańczyć. W warszawskie szkole baletowej była gnębiona, za oceanem doceniono jej talent. Przez kontuzję szybko musiała pożegnać się z tańcem. Choć myślała, że to koniec świata, szybko znalazła 


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  • The Forsaken


    Press kit includes 1 pamphlet and 3 photographs.


Izabella Miko - IMDb

Izabella Miko, Actress: Clash of the Titans. Born in what was then Communist Poland in January 1981 to accomplished thespian parents, Grazyna Dylag and Aleksander ...

Izabella Miko » Official website for actress Izabella Miko ...

Pictures, biography, articles, information on where Miko shops and hangs out, and news. [Macromedia Flash]

Izabella Miko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Izabella Miko, West Hollywood, California on 2 April 2013. Born: Izabella Anna Mikołajczak (1981-01-21) January 21, 1981 (age 35) Łódź, Poland

Izabella Miko — Wikipédia

Izabella Miko est une actrice américano-polonaise née le 21 janvier 1981 à Łódź . Elle est également engagée dans la promotion des idées et des comportements ...