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Signed 8x10 Photo By Steve-O, Jason Acuna, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Wee-man, Ehren Mcghehey and Dave Englund Comes with Powers Collectibles COA and matching authenticity holograms

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) is of course the US-based , a growing leader in independent cinema since 2008, represents horror, exploitation, dark arthouse, cult and documentary films from around the world. It is our mission to bring new and talented filmmakers and their work to as large an audience as possible, creating both traditional and digital opportunities for lower budgeted films made outside the studio system. I have to say that this was an unusual film indeed and actually quite unique. The story follows a group of people (referring to themselves as a family even though only a few are actually related) who live together in isolation in a boarding with very little contact with the outside world. At the head of the “family” we have the Governess (Debbie Rochon, ). The mood for the film is instantly set by the often static and brooding shots throughout. In terms of story, like I said is somewhat unique and plays out well with aspects that aren't completely clear on the first viewing. I genuinely appreciate writers and directors who either leave some questions unanswered or leave subtle hints throughout. If you have the patience for a slow-burning story, then this could be a film for you. Another aspect that did tend to grate was some of the dialogue and interactions between certain characters. Speaking of which, performances are solid for the most part, but I did find Rochon's portrayal as the Governess a bit too campy, almost in the same vein as the worst of the Nazisploitation films of yesteryear. Nicklin's performance does tend to grate too. Sold as a film in the tradition of Hammer, I found this more to have a noir feel to it, albeit with some horror elements. It's clear from the additional material that everyone had a fun time filming and that's what it's all about right. You can't choose your family right. Should I move on to the next film now. “A small New England college is plagued by a series of brutal, cult-like murders that share a similar pattern of killings some twenty years earlier. The lone survivor of a recent attack must team up with a veteran police detective and his daughter in order to uncover the secret behind the killings, revealing a legacy of murder and the occult that has been kept buried for decades on. Source: Mondo Squallido

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In honor of No Shave November, here's Ehren McGhehey with a beard of pubes from the Jackass crew 11/13/16, @NewKindOfClown


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    Simon and Schuster. 2002. ISBN: 9780743431118,0743431111. 144 pages.

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