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The Haymarket (Storysound)
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Abel Lackland has risen from squalid beginnings to become one of the wealthiest surgeons in town. He wants his eldest son, Jonah, to follow in his footsteps, but Jonah decides that the future lies in the world of the arts. Jonah steals away one night to visit the forbidden Haymarket theatre and manages to meet the famous Lilith Lucas. He falls under her spell - a fatal spell that, unknown to him, has haunted Abel for many years. Lilith is aware of Jonah's identity and sees a chance to repay Abel Lackland for the indignity and heartbreak of the past...
Product Description
Abel Lackland's children are grown up and making their way in the world, in the reign of young Queen Victoria. William and Rupert have followed their father into the medical profession whilst Abby, now widowed, is a successful business woman. Jonah, married to the daughter of the bewitching actress Lilith Lucas, is watching his early dreams of theatrical success dwindle in the face of having to provide for his family. Suddenly, into the lives of Abel and his family comes something that overshadows all their private crises - uniting them in common need, yet turning one against the other...

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