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25 Most Memorable Cars From Movies

Car culture and film have become so synonymous with one another that it is often difficult to reference one without thinking of the other. The big screen provides automakers with massive exposure and a captive audience that can’t change the channel, so all it takes is one stand-out vehicle in a scene or two for a car to go down in history. Every time you watch a movie, pay close attention to what vehicles you see the stars driving and whether there are a slew of automobiles from the same manufacturer being utilized by the police, government, and/or villains. Chances are a contract is in place and a binding agreement means that the production studio must use a particular brand of vehicle so many times and in certain scenes. The Avengers prefer Acuras, which were used both as government fleet vehicles and as Tony Stark’s supercar toward the end of the first film, which turned out to be nothing more than a 1991 Acura NSX with numerous external upgrades. Most people don’t know that there are typically multiple versions of the same car used in a film, all designed for different purposes and achieved via varying build levels. There is always a “hero car,” which is the most pristine of the pack, and is typically reserved for close-up shots. Studios will often mock-up clones of the hero car, which are nice, but are not always as detailed or expensive and are designed for action shots and promotional events. While a lot of the following vehicles will likely strike you as instantly recognizable, our hope is that the information provided with each entry will offer some insight into what goes into making a particular chassis perfect for film. A production studio’s choices can either ruin a film’s feeling of authenticity or make it an instant cult classic due to the machine used. Here are 25 of our favorite starring roles that just so happened to be played by iconic cars. Source: The Cheat SheetThe Cheat Sheet

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  • Why does Stephen Miller sound like such a dick? A voice coach explains.

    02/13/17 ,via Fusion

    Watching Miller, a stranger, I was struck by the familiarity of his dick voice. I know this dick, I thought. Curious if there is such a thing as a quantifiable dick voice, I reached out to John West, the head of speech coaching at New York Speech

  • Why Stephen Miller Comes Off as a D*ck

    02/14/17 ,via AlterNet

    Like many of us, McDonough noticed a certain familiarity in Miller's tone. (“Watching Miller, a stranger, I was struck by the familiarity of his dick voice,” she writes. “I know this dick, I thought.”) In an effort to understand why Miller sounds


RT @CUMmissionary: Branden Miller @Pradaboiswag @joanneprada was always tugging and pulling on that fuckin dick‼️I just wanna eat your cum… 02/20/17, @NYCBRONX123
RT @danagould: What's amazing is that Stephen Miller not only looks like a dick, but he also looks like a penis. 02/20/17, @LiberalMargo
New from Dick Miller at @NewsLanc: Hope in Harrisburg, maybe #PAPol 02/20/17, @dougmcvay


  • Spotted Dick

    custard powder, eggs, raisins, sugar, whole milk, flour, vanilla extract


  • Yellow jersey

    1980. 40 pages.

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  • How a veteran cop talked his way through Anchorage's wild nights

    02/18/17 ,via Anchorage Daily News

    On that night, I was part of it, walking through the clubs with Miller and meeting the women on the street. But the Avenue was more than seedy and dangerous bars like the Hub, Wild Cherry and Moby Dick's and the Palace Hotel. It was also a center of Alaska ...

  • Here’s How The Legendary Charles Barkley-Dick Bavetta Footrace Went Down

    02/17/17 ,via Complex

    Dick Bavetta, via Vice: People make fun of me ... Bavetta skinned his knee as he dove for the finish line. Image via Getty/Ethan Miller All-Star Saturday night can be weirdly flat sometimes. The events frequently disappoint, and the collective air in ...

  • Dick Bruna, 'spiritual father' of rabbit Miffy, dies at 89

    02/17/17 ,via WHIO

    The Hague — Dick Bruna, the Dutch "spiritual father" of Miffy ... An Australian man is crediting yoga with saving his life, literally. Daniel Miller, 45, was trapped for hours in a water hole, pinned down by an excavator with ...


Dick Miller - IMDb

Dick Miller, Actor: The Terminator. A native of the Bronx, New York, Richard "Dick" Miller served in the U.S. Navy for a few years and earned a prize title as a ...

Dick Miller - Wikipedia

Richard "Dick" Miller (born December 25, 1928) is an American character actor who has appeared in over 100 films, particularly those produced by Roger ...

That Guy Dick Miller (2014) - IMDb

Directed by Elijah Drenner. With Dick Miller, Lainie Miller, Gilbert Adler, Allan Arkush. Documentary about veteran character actor Dick Miller, whose ...

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Welcome To Dick Miller's Website: . That Guy Dick Miller. Welcome to my website. I have put it together for your enjoyment so I hope you like it.

Review: That Guy Dick Miller: EIFF 2014: Filmhouse: Edinburgh - TV ...

Review: That Guy Dick Miller: EIFF 2014: Filmhouse: Edinburgh - TV ...

Photo courtesy of Dick Miller.

Photo courtesy of Dick Miller.

dick miller that guy dick miller 2014 dick miller and

dick miller that guy dick miller 2014 dick miller and

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