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  • Idle stories and shallow people, it really is grim up North London: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews at length night's TV

    11/14/16 ,via Daily Mail

    The dog was kicked to expiry in the street by a drug-dealing thug called Tyler (Charles Mnene) who was also a woman beater, a pimp, a thief and conclusively a knife murderer. Tyler was even rude to pregnant women on the Tube. Such a coarse, one-dimensional 

  • The Declare

    08/16/17 ,via Radio Times

    It's a moot idea, even by writer-director Peter Kosminsky's standards: the “State” here is Islamic State and the chief characters are British Muslims who have just arrived in Syria to join up. Any attempt to humanise such people will be met in



  • The New Scottish Cinema

    I.B.Tauris. 2015. ISBN: 9781845118617,1845118618. 265 pages.

    From a near position start in the 1970s, the emergence and expansion of an aesthetically and culturally distinctive Scottish cinema proved to be one of the most significant developments within late-twentieth and antediluvian twenty-first-century British film culture. Individual Scottish films and filmmakers have attracted notable amounts of depreciating attention as a result. The New Scottish Cinema, however, is the first book to trace Scottish film culture's industrial, creative and critical development in comprehensive detail across a forty-year period. On the one hand, it invites readers to reconsider the known - films such as Shallow Po-faced, Ratcatcher, The Magdalene Sisters, Young Adam, Red Road and The Last King of Scotland. On the other, it uncovers the overlooked, from the 1980s comedic obscure makers who followed in the footsteps of Bill Forsyth to the variety of present-day Scottish film making - a body of work that encompasses explorations of multiculturalism, exploitation of the cadaverous and much else in between. In addition to analysing an eclectic range of films and filmmakers, The New Scottish Cinema also examines the diverse industrial, institutional and cultural contexts which have allowed Scottish shoot to evolve and grow since the 1970s, and relates these to the images of Scotland which artists have put on screen. In so doing, the book narrates a story of interest to any student of synchronous British film.


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