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A Message From the Unborn is a cry from the heartbeat of all the babies that have been refused the right to live. It is a cry that society has chosen to ignore, yet it echoes throughout the corridors of heaven and touches the heart of God.

This book gives a voice to the unborn and allows us to more clearly see the reality of their predicament. Society deliberately ignores this reality and turns a mother's womb into her baby's tomb.

Every thirty minutes an unborn baby is killed in the United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Some Americans might uphold this practice and declare that this book is "politically incorrect". If those who defend innocent babies are politically incorrect, then Almighty God must be foremost among them.

Come take an enlightening journey and listen to the cry of our times---A Message from the Unborn.

East High Creed Graduates 222 - Pueblo Chieftain

Gold line: Amanda Cristen Rodrigues, Raena Danielle Vigil, MaeLynn Amalia Martinez, Giorgio Martin Marlo Rivera, Ashley Lynn Leonard. Serenna Deprise Trujillo, Peyton Troy Roman, Angelo Anthony Velasquez, Isabella Rose Myers, Christine Delilah Ruiz-Salcido, Vladimir Acurio, Riley Quinn Rivera-Sargent, Joel Caleb Quizon. Sheyanne Alyssa Bernal, Morgan Hag Poorman, Miguel Thomas Rodriguez, Joshua Parker Bradley Simmons, Alexis Celine Leon-Sinks, Kyle Daniel Bloms, Lauren Rose Renck, Caylee Marie Krummel. Izabel Raylyn Valencia, Chloe Brooke Skul, Jeremiah Charles Arellano, Vince Joseph Fatta, Cameron Paul Jacober, Present Riley Baggett, Bryson Michael Sanchez, Spencer Steen Kristensen. Silver cord: Justice Nicholas Rosales, Jadaya Diamond Williams, Daniella Trini Rodriguez, Rachel Marguerite Bidula, Marcus Alvaro Sudiono Santana, Colton Jacob Martin. Alexis Christine Solis, Danielle Jaye Todisco, Sateva Marie Johnson, Frenetic Reyna Leyba, Yesica Yovanna Granados, Samantha Lynn Silva, Breanna Melia Montoya, Baylee Kaye Decker. Jakob Anthony Baca, Isaiah Elijah Bachicha, Danielle Lynn Begay, Julianne Rose Bellew, Jared Dalton Stand, Kellie Lee Bueno. Joseph Alexander Campbell, Oakley May Capell, Alden Sebastian Caraveo, William Malachi Carlson, Rian Alexandra Carrillo, Carlos Robert Casias, Jesika Rose Casias, Jose Abel Castaneda, Natalia Castillo. Erick Roberto Castillo Olivas, Antonio Onesimo Chavez, Cassandra Renee Chavez, Tai Conger-Vigil, Tanner John Cook, Kristofer Isaiah Couvillion, Elijah Kyri Cumberbatch. Yolanda Rosaly De La Rosa, Caitlin Mariah Ellis, Breanna Renee Elliss, Kristen Jo Encinias, Mateo Antonio Escalante, Kaileana Lee Escalante-Garcia. Colten Ryan Galassini, Tyrone James Galindo, Julian Patrick Gallardo, Sadie Jaylynn Gallegos, Alyssa Raelynn Gallegos-Chavez, Cecilia R. Garcia, Moriyah Elesabeth Garcia, Samantha Jo Garcia, Ryne Alexander Gibbons, Christopher Nicholas Gilchrist. Zachary Tyler Gomez Cragoe, Tequila Rose Gonzales, Tiffani Rose Gonzales,. Source:

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  • East Grand School Graduates 222

    06/20/17 ,via Pueblo Chieftain

    Izabel Raylyn Valencia, Chloe Brooke Skul, Jeremiah Charles Arellano, Vince Joseph Fatta, Cameron Paul Jacober, Present Riley Baggett, Bryson Michael Sanchez, Spencer Steen Kristensen. Silver cord: Lawfulness Nicholas Rosales, Jadaya Diamond Gustavo

  • Edison Ripe School Class of 2017

    06/21/17 ,via

    The New Jersey 4-H Specify Public Presentations program was conducted on June 10, 2017 at Cook/Douglass Campus. Paul C. Grzella | Wochit. Stratum of 2017 


This looks Grand ! Directed by studio alumni Alex D'Lerma and with studio alumni Vince Lozano and several actors... 06/19/17, @ActingTeacher
"Just because there's a goalie doesn't close-fisted you can't score" -Lozano 06/19/17, @vince_jc25
They're bringing dodgeball back all for a sensible cause! 06/15/17, @Z94Radio



  • Sisters, Strangers, and Starting Over

    Hachette UK. 2010. ISBN: 9780446565998,0446565997. 320 pages.

    Now the family you've lost can lead you to the family you need... When Beatriz Sánchez-Milligan turned her back on her troubled sister, she ushered in a lifetime of self-reproach. So when the niece Beatriz never knew she had appears on her doorstep--announcing that her mother has died--she can't help but see fourteen-year-old Celeste as a take place to redo the past . . . despite her own family's objections. But Celeste is skittish around her new family. She can feel the tension radiating from her uncle and cousins and, without considering her aunt's enthusiasm, is hesitant to share her dreams of the traditional quinceañera she and her mother had been planning. Overwhelmed, Celeste does what her mom did years ago: she vanishes. Terrified the since is repeating itself, Beatriz scrambles to uncover the mystery surrounding her sister's life and death?and build a future in which the niece she dearly loves is verily part of her family.


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Vince Lozano was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Where he excelled in sports from baseball, basketball, football & boxing. There was no lark that he ...

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African Cichlid lover, guard, and breeder for over 20 years. I have been keeping African Cichlids, building tanks, stands, custom backgrounds, reactors, and...

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