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10 Steps to bring back Taekwondo as a MARTIAL art!

complete sportification of a once feared martial art. Today the dominant view of the public, and other martial artists from outside is that Taekwondo is not an effective art for self defense, nor is it particular effective in combat outside the very specific Olympic sparring paradigm on one hand and... The question then is: "Is it possible for the current generation of Taekwondo students who only learned the sportive version of Taekwondo to redefine itself as a martial art once again. I believe the answer to that question is "Yes" and I will try to tell you how one approach can do this. The approach I am thinking about does not align with what I call "My Taekwondo" but I think it is a great leap in the right direction and especially for "normal" Taekwondo students. Or at least dont be dominated by it. The current publications being produced by the Kukkiwon or endorsed by the Kukkiwon are all heavily dominated by sport mentality. Ask anyone what the "traditional component" of Taekwondo is and the answer is likely its forms. The latest publications from around 2006 onwards have all more or less completely ditched absolutely all applications of the movements, and more importantly their only reasoning when explaining the way to perform Poomsae is to do it any other way... Now for the people out there serious into Poomsae as a performance sport there is no problem with this approach, BUT for 95% of the students of Taekwondo who have no interest in sport but wants to practise a martial art this sport only reasoning... As an example of this I once attended a Poomsae seminar. The teacher of this seminar had the performance of Poomsae down to a T. It was beautifull to watch, and he knew the exact way to perform each and every technique in each and every Poomsae. The thing was though that the students who attended the seminar had learned their Poomsae in a slightly different way so they kept asking him questions as to why the movement standard had changed (as it had changed in their point of view). The teacher consistenly brushed all questions off as "if you do it any other way you will get deducted for points". Here there was a red belt that was corrected because he had his elbow of his blocking hand sticking very much out to one side instead of pointing down toward the ground as it is "supposed" to be. When corrected. Source: Traditional Taekwondo Ramblings

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RT @beautifulpicsu: Sung Hi Lee (1 more in c...- @DRM00RE @DrRXM @DrR0X @DrRXE @18_HOT_18 Follow @BeautifulPicsU 11/26/15, @DrRXE
Sung Hi Lee (1 more in c...- @DRM00RE @DrRXM @DrR0X @DrRXE @18_HOT_18 Follow @BeautifulPicsU 11/26/15, @beautifulpicsu



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Sung Hi Lee - IMDb

Sung Hi Lee was born April 1, 1970, in Seoul, South Korea. She spent a large part of her childhood moving around from city to city, even before the start of her career.

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Sung Hi Lee was one of the most beautiful Asian models of the 1990s and early 2000s. She is one luscious lady with a perfect ass, a face that could launch ships and a ...

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Sung-Hi Lee; Born: Sung Hi Lee (1970-04-01) April 1, 1970 (age 45) Seoul, South Korea: Other names: Korean Butterfly: Ethnicity: Korean: Modeling information

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