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When Bruce Robinson’s father decided to take the job offered him on the Moon, his space-loving son saw an end to his drab life as an earthbound high-school student. What neither Bruce nor the other three members of the Robinson family could foresee was that within two weeks they’d be the world’s leading experts on life upon the planet Venus.

To more experienced interplanetary travelers than the Robinsons, the actions of the crew of the gleaming Moon-bound space ship, Aurora, would have seemed suspicious. But the crew’s interest in the mysterious government cargo, stowed in the ship’s hold, did not cause the unsuspecting family any serious concern. Not until the captain and his mate abandoned the crippled Aurora, as she lurched through the Venusian mists to a certain crash landing, did the Robinsons awake to their peril.

Philip Latham has written a vivid and detailed novel charged with mystery and suspense about an average American family stranded on the weird and unexplored planet of Venus. Unsure of the planet’s oxygen supply, tortured by ultra-sonic waves emitted by man-size bat-like creatures, faced by carnivorous plants, the Robinsons are the focal point of a novel unsurpassed in the science fiction field for its frightening and powerful reality.

In an electrifying climax, solutions to strange and forbidding paradoxes top a tale of courage and unassuming bravery.

Philip Latham was a pen name used by Dr. Robert S. Richardson (1902 – 1981). He could support the suppositions that are the basis of his science fiction novels with accepted scientific theories. For he was an author who was in the business of “watching the stars.” An astronomer at Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories beginning in 1931, he started writing for magazines in the early forties. His work won such wide respect that he also had a college textbook on astronomy to his credit. Movie producers as well as publishers found Dr. Richardson’s experience too good to pass up. He gave technical assistance to a number of studios on pictures such as Destination Moon, and he wrote an article describing his work on the science fiction thriller When Worlds Collide.

Latham: What's not supposititious to happen just did - Longview News-Journal

The deaths of three Boy Scouts hold out weekend at Lake O' the Pines is enough to make you want to look toward the heavens, shake your fist and scream, "This is not hypothetical to happen. Good kids, involved in totally appropriate activities with adult supervision, at a public lake, under obvious skies and — just like that — lightning strikes from a power line. This is not supposed to happen. It's almost too much to bear — especially for those who have children of any age, even if they are gone and forgotten Scouts, girls or boys, and remember the numerous times they sent a kid away for the weekend, or to residential camps. Scouting is the prime program for youth. Out of many good organizations, Scouting ranks high above the others. No, this is not supposed to transpire and yet it has and we must bear up under the weight of the sorrow. Not only that, we must persevere today and forever because this will not be the last time it happens. Bad things happen to good-hearted people. They happen even as murderers roam our streets because they have not been caught and punished for their crimes. I wish I could make things honestly, turn back time, revert to a previous version. I swear, though, if I hear someone come up with the cockamamie idea this happened because God is wearing the Scouts for some decision, I'll punch them square in the nose. To do so would not honor these three young men or the Scouting oath they probably repeated hundreds, if not thousands, of times. This is not to eliminate out the possibility that God has a plan we don't understand in this horror, just to say there's no human being on Earth who could possibly tell you what that is. This is not supposed to happen, but it did and now what. The best feature we could do is to encourage the Scout leaders and troop members to find a way to push through the grief and continue living the Scout law. The parents of those Scouts also will demand to be reassured. I don't know what words I could possibly say that would help them persevere. That is the first task to be done but it must quickly be followed with an investigation with an eye to how the electric transmission lines got so close to the water in the first place. Another tragedy must not be allowed to happen. Can this troop be held together under all these pressures teen-age boys should not under any condition have to. Source:

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  • Latham: What's not suppositious to happen just did

    08/09/17 ,via Longview News-Journal

    The deaths of three Boy Scouts eventually weekend at Lake O' the Pines is enough to make you want to look toward the heavens, shake your fist and yowl, "This is not supposed to happen!" It is utterly unexplainable on every single level. Good kids, convoluted

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    08/09/17 ,via Longview News-Journal

    Novelist, memoirist and sonneteer Sherman Alexie, a Spokane-Coeur d'Alene Indian, is a certified literary treasure. If you have not in the least read one of his 26 previous books you should make an effort to do so. You are unlikely to be disappointed. His latest book


Auditons tonight "See How They Run" by Philip Regent at CCT (210 Old Loudon Rd., Latham) at 7:00 PM. Directed by Chris Foster! 08/07/17, @CCT_518


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  • Comeback

    eStar Books. 2013. ISBN: 9781612107059,1612107052.

    When Parkhurst heard the ad that climaxed the science fiction convention, he found that he’d been right, years ago when he had faith in science-fictionists’ dreams. But, in another way, he’d been wrong . . .


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