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Cutthroat Klowns From Outer Space Movie Poster (11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm) (1988) Style A -(Grant Cramer)(Suzanne Snyder)(John Allen Nelson)(Earl Dano)(John Vernon)(Peter Licassi)
Cutthroat Klowns From Outer Space Movie Poster (11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm) (1988) Style A -(Grant Cramer)(Suzanne Snyder)(John Allen Nelson)(Earl Dano)(John Vernon)(Peter Licassi) by MG Poster

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Killer Klowns From Outer Space Poster (11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm) (1988) Style A reproduction poster print

CAST: Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder, John Allen Nelson, Royal Dano, John Vernon, Peter Licassi, Michael Siegel, Charles Chiodo; DIRECTED BY: Stephen Chiodo; WRITTEN BY: Stephen Chiodo, Charles Chiodo; CINEMATOGRAPHY BY: Alfred Taylor; MUSIC BY: John Massari. PRODUCER: Trans World Entertainment.
Hit man Klowns From Outer Space

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Hit man Klowns From Outer Space by TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX HOME ENT
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Teens flee from large clowns who shoot people with popcorn and spin cotton-candy webs.

Lallapalooza Klowns From Outer Space - High-Def Digest

The Big Itself: Our Reviewer's Take Whatta ya gonna do. Knock my block off. Armed with cotton-candy blasters, mutated bodily-eating popcorn, balloon ray guns, acid pies, and animated shadow puppets that swallow you whole, 'Cutthroat Klowns From Outer Space' invade Earth to scare your funny-bone to death. The colorful circus freaks compile you in with their playful pleasantries before cocooning you in cotton candy and storing you away on their mother ship, which is shaped like an enormous Barnum & Bailey tent. They suck on your blood at their time off through the most convoluted funny straws, jump out of pizza boxes like a Jack-in-the-Box, and explode into a fireworks show of confetti when you pop their noses. In the usage of 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes' and ' Night of the Creeps ,' the Chiodo Brothers created a hysterically absurd fidelity to the sci-fi B-horror movies of the 1950s and 1960s. The title says it all, promising a darkly cartoonish... No one specific scenic route-in feature serves as inspiration, but rather, it comes from the collective memories of those films and captures the spirit of the era while forging into slapstick surplus. Just sit back and laugh at the farcical nonsense of clowns with a street vacuum or enjoy the wickedness of seeing a child about be knocked on the top a intercept with a wooden mallet. It's made even more bizarre when characters on screen show absolutely no fear of the invading aliens simply because they taste clowns. The space invaders are actually hideous-looking monsters with grimy, yellow teeth and the most disturbingly minacious smiles. The Chiodo Brothers come from a background in special effects and make-up (editor's shout out: Stephen Chiodo graduated from my alma mater ), and they played a foremost role in the production design and the look of the Killer Klowns. They are precisely as we would imagine them in our worst nightmares — revoltingly phantasmagoric grotesqueries from another dialect birth b deliver that want to eat you, not bring a smile to your face. One of the movie's most imaginative and admirable aspects is in the effects and design. The excuse, riddled with a variety of classic horror tropes and clichés, follows a young couple (Grant Cramer and Suzanne Snyder with remarkable names like Mike Tobacco and Debbie Stone) stumbling upon the alien invasion and setting out to warn their... Source:

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