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At the time of South Africa’s first democratic election in 1994 it was clear that the structure of the economy had to change and that land ownership, employment opportunities and access to essential services had to match more closely the needs of the entire population.
The Missing Piece: Solving South Africa’s Economic Puzzle explores various aspects of the South African economy over the past 20 years – what has worked and what has fallen short. It also looks into the next 20 years to see what needs to be done in order to put together the four pieces of our economy identified by Kevin Lings that will allow us to complete the puzzle and place South Africa on a higher potential growth path. This involves focusing on business development, redressing education policies, improving the use of technology, addressing our infrastructural backlog and developing a closer relationship with the rest of Africa.
The practical policy proposals in The Missing Piece set it apart from other titles on the South African economy, while providing an accessible and comprehensive overview of the pertinent issues.

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  • Convene the 'Eyeborg': The Man with a Camera Eye

    06/14/17 ,via Live Science

    Later, electrical develop Martin Ling helped design a tiny circuit board that can take all the data from the camera and send it out to the wider universe via a receiver, according to the Eyeborg Project, a website about Spence's project. The first

  • North Quincy Heinous grads told to make their city proud

    06/13/17 ,via The Patriot Ledger

    Bui Lam, Cindy Lam, Helen Lam, Kennex Lam, ManChing Lam, Shayla Le, Thuylan Le, Austin Lee, Chia Lee, Eva Lee, Sonny Lee, Vincent Leung, Cara Lew, Dao Li, Emily Li, Ling Li, Nathan Li, Wayland Li, Xin Li, Zijun Li, Lan Liang, Larissa Liang, Benny Lin


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  • Kevin's Best Corned Beef

    bay leaves, black pepper, cabbage, carrot, dijon mustard, coriander, beef, dijon mustard, dill seed, horseradish, malt vinegar, mustard seed, onions, red potatoes, beer, allspice


  • Punctiliousness Landing of a Quadrotor UAV on a Moving Target Using Low-cost Sensors

    2017. 59 pages.

    With the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) meet more widespread, a need for precise autonomous landings has arisen. In the maritime setting, precise autonomous landings will help to provide a timely way to recover UAVs deployed from a ship. On land, numerous applications have been proposed for UAV and unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) teams where autonomous docking is required so that the UGVs can either take or service a UAV in the field. Current state of the art approaches to solving the problem rely on expensive inertial measurement sensors and RTK or differential GPS systems. However, such a working is not practical for many UAV systems. A framework to perform precision landings on a moving target using low-cost sensors is proposed in this thesis. Sight from a downward facing camera is used to track a target on the landing platform and generate high quality relative pose estimates. The landing-place procedure consists of three stages. First, a rendezvous stage commands the quadrotor on a path to intercept the target. A target acquiring stage then ensures that the quadrotor is tracking the landing target. Finally, visual measurements of the relative pose to the landing target are old in the target tracking stage where control and estimation are performed in a body-planar frame, without the use of GPS or magnetometer measurements. A comprehensive overview of the direct and estimation required to realize the three stage landing approach is presented. Critical parts of the landing framework were implemented on an AscTec Pelican testbed. The AprilTag visual fiducial process is chosen for use as the landing target. Implementation details to improve the AprilTag detection pipeline are presented. Simulated and experimen- tal results validate key portions of the disembarkation framework. The novel relative estimation scheme is evaluated in an indoor positioning system. Tracking and landing on a moving target is demonstrated in an indoor atmosphere. Outdoor tests also validate the target tracking performance in the presence of wind.


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Lisa J. Ling (born August 30, 1973) is an American newsmonger, television presenter, and author. She is currently the host of This Is Life with Lisa Ling on CNN.

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Bai Ling, lipiec 2007 roku. Imię i nazwisko: 白靈: Figures i miejsce urodzenia: 10 października 1966 Chengdu, Syczuan, Chiny: Zawód: aktorka: Lata aktywności

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