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Sensitive, understated drama about mortality. Dimitri (Jacques Dutronc is a Russian-émigré who in spite of his hale appearance, is suffering from a terminal disease. He checks into a French style hospice where he learns to his great shock that the average life expectancy is just short of a month. Far from accepting his condition, he fights the hospice's rules and its staff, until, fed up, he escapes into the countryside. Along the road, he encounters Suzanne (Sandrine Bonnaire), an optimistic, unflappable woman who volunteers at the hospice and soon the sparks even though the romance is inevitably, tragically doomed.

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    09/09/13 ,via Daily Mail

    Director of White Cross Vets, Bonnie Leibowitch, said: 'Having worked as a vet for ten years, I have never heard of an attack like this before. 'Foxes can obviously be very dangerous, but to carry out an attack in broad daylight is very uncommon

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  • Eric Rohmer

    Univ. Press of Mississippi. 2013. ISBN: 9781628468434,1628468432. 242 pages.

    The 1969 film Ma Nuit chez Maud catapulted its shy academic film director Eric Rohmer (1920-2010) into the limelight, selling over a million tickets in France and earning a nomination for an Academy Award. Ma Nuit chez Maud remains his most famous film, the highlight of an impressive range of films examining the sexual, romantic, and artistic mores of contemporary France, the temptations of desire, the small joys of everyday life, and sometimes, the vicissitudes of history and politics. Yet Rohmer was almost fifty years old when Maud was released and had already had a career as the editor of Cahiers du Cinéma, a position he lost in a political takeover in 1963. The interviews in this book offer a range of insights into the theoretical, critical, and practical circumstances of Rohmer's remarkably coherent body of films, but also allow Rohmer to act as his own critic, providing us with an array of readings concerning his interest in setting, season, color, and narrative. Alongside the application of a theoretical rigor to his own films, Rohmer's interviews also discuss directors as varied as Godard, Carné, Renoir, and Hitchcock, and the relations of film to painting, architecture, and music. This book reproduces little-known interviews, such as a debate Rohmer undertakes with Women and Film concerning feminism, alongside detailed discussions from Cahiers and Positif, many produced in English here for the first time.

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Laure Marsac (* 18. Februar 1970 in Paris) ist eine französische Schauspielerin, die sowohl in Kinofilmen, Fernsehfilmen und Fernsehserien als auch im Theater ...

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Leibowitch, Julie Biography

Leibowitch, Julie Biography
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Julie Leibowitch | Facebook

Julie Leibowitch | Facebook

Treves, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Louis Garel and Julie Leibowitch ...

Treves, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Louis Garel and Julie Leibowitch ...