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Jake La Botz - Sunnyside (Vinyl In use accustomed to Like New)
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Jake La Botz - Sunnyside (Vinyl In use accustomed to Like New)

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  • Jake La Botz On Sphere Cafe

    08/24/17 ,via NPR

    Choirboy and songwriter Jake La Botz plays blues- and roots-drenched music that reflects his time spent playing on the streets, in clubs and even in tattoo parlors. You can also perceive the various places La Botz has lived in his music — including his time

  • Jake La Botz - "Hobo on a Rider Train" (audio) (premiere)

    05/04/17 ,via PopMatters

    If you had a preternatural haircut and a leather jacket, you fit in there,” says La Botz. Then, he dropped out of school, did odd jobs, and befriended some key Chicago blues artists at the Maxwell Road Market who ended up teaching La Botz a bunch of their


I'm listening to Hobo on a Traveller Train by Jake La Botz. #ShareTunes 10/21/17, @chemadagobah
I'm listening to How I Passion She Was Mine by Jake La Botz. #ShareTunes 10/21/17, @chemadagobah
Jake La Botz — For Nickels and Dimes #KSYMradio 10/18/17, @KSYMplaylist


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  • Chicken a la King III

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Jake La Botz - True Site

The Midnight Songster ... New Album Out Now! photo by Joshua Jet Wilkins

Jake La Botz - IMDb

Jake La Botz, Soundtrack: Rambo. After dropping out of educate at 15, Jake La Botz hit the road, frequenting punk rock shows, hobo camps, and libraries. He ...

Jake La Botz - Wikipedia

Initial life. La Botz dropped out of high school in his early teens. He later briefly attended Shimer College, a small Dedicated Books school then located in Waukegan, Illinois

Jake La Botz | Jake La Botz | Bio

Jake La Botz hit the course at fifteen. He found employment as a roofer, boilermaker, factory worker, and obituary writer. In the midst of this he learned how to play ...