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In this haunting and riveting firsthand account, a survivor of Jim Jones's Peoples Temple opens up the shadowy world of cults and shows how anyone can fall under their spell.

A high-level member of Jim Jones's Peoples Temple for seven years, Deborah Layton escaped his infamous commune in the Guyanese jungle, leaving behind her mother, her older brother, and many friends. She returned to the United States with warnings of impending disaster, but her pleas for help fell on skeptical ears, and shortly thereafter, in November 1978, the Jonestown massacre shocked the world. Seductive Poison is both an unflinching historical document and a suspenseful story of intrigue, power, and murder. Review
Deborah Layton was, by her own account, a typical rebellious youth, with nothing in her dossier to indicate that she would eventually find herself in Jim Jones's People's Temple in Guyana, looking for a way out of the green hell that had become the People's Temple Agricultural Project. She barely escaped in June 1978. Within months, more than 900 people drank Jones's cyanide punch and committed "revolutionary suicide" in the face of mounting stateside pressure on the cult, some of it prompted by Layton's own testimonials upon her safe return home. Her brother, Larry, also survived, and as one of the few left alive in Guyana became a scapegoat for Jones's crimes; he is now serving a life sentence in federal prison.

There is a simple naiveté at the root of Seductive Poison. Layton's own youthful innocence, foremost, but also the desire to trust another person, the need for belonging and meaning, which led so many perfectly normal Americans to place their faith in a suicidal madman. Far from confirming the simplistically monstrous Jones of the public imagination, Layton paints the man as a dark, twisted shaman, by turns soothing, then suddenly malevolent and petty, with a hugely sadistic streak that belied his perfectly coifed hair, expensive suits, and impressive political connections. The scenes in which she describes her escape and flight to safety are wrenching, her last-minute conversation with Jones and his seductive appeal for her to return home to Jonestown are chilling, and her fear and indecision are still palpable on the printed page. For Layton to recount tales this personal and horrifying must have been tremendously difficult. For her to lift those recollections above the bargain-basement freak-show reputation the People's Temple has achieved in the popular imagination and depict them with the power of great tragedy is nothing but extraordinary. --Tjames Madison
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Hildale voters OK incumbents over non-FLDS challenger - St. George Daily Spectrum

Dorian Jessop, Brian Jessop and Carvel Nielson were the top vote-getters with 185, 182 and 179 respectively, Town Recorder Raymond Barlow said. Kyle Layton, who had the distinction of being the only candidate who is not a member of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that is a central influence in Hildale’s civic affairs, received 50 votes. Nielson and the Jessops were appointed mid-term to fill vacancies on the Town Council and were elected to remain for another four years. Barlow said 229 ballots were cast in the mail-in election. Layton said it was his first time running for office and he didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the candidacy process, but many non-FLDS members of the community expressed excitement about his appearance on the ballot. “For the first time that I know of, people outside the church are on the ballot. That makes it kind of unique,” said Willie Jessop, once a high-profile member of the FLDS church’s security team who left the church four years ago amid what he says was a crisis of faith for him during Texas’ prosecution of church leaders... The FLDS church’s reported influence on civic affairs in Hildale and its Arizona-side twin Colorado City has created controversy for years as non-FLDS residents claimed they were subject to local government discrimination. Hildale resident Terrill Musser, who organized what many people said was a first-of-its-kind public rally last month encouraging residents to voice their concerns about the close ties between church and state in the community, said he is worried... “People who live in Colorado City – are they still coming over (to Hildale) and voting because they have a Hildale address. … The question everyone is asking me is, ‘How do you know when you’re still having FLDS people count the votes. Jessop echoed Musser’s concerns, stating there’s no way to prove if someone lives in Hildale. Residents generally provide a post office box address for correspondence, but voters are required to provide a physical address with election ballots. Layton said his get-out-the-vote campaign helped register about 40 voters. … A lot of people don’t know what’s going on, the decisions being made,” he said. “Another one of the reasons I ran, honestly, was is nobody else (outside the FLDS church) was. Layton said he was not raised in. Source:

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  • Hildale voters OK incumbents over non-FLDS challenger

    Kyle Layton, who had the distinction of being the only candidate who is not a member of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that is a central influence in Hildale's civic affairs, received 50 votes. Nielson and the

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    11/04/15 ,via ABC Newspapers

    After winning the Northwest Suburban Conference title two weeks earlier, Anoka secured its place in the state Class AA meet with a runner-up finish in the Section 5AA meet Thursday. The Tornadoes scored 71 team points with its top four runners among 


RT @supportthewalk: Here's a look at the last few steps of the #WalkOfBritain 11/02/15, @_layton_george
RT @gopTODD: Hmm. Kaysville is bigger than Cedar City. And Layton is almost as big as St. George. #utpol 10/28/15, @utahpolitics
Hmm. Kaysville is bigger than Cedar City. And Layton is almost as big as St. George. #utpol 10/28/15, @gopTODD


  • George's Fruit Cookies

    flour, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves, eggs, molasses, raisins, salt, shortening, vanilla extract, walnut, water, sugar


  • The Fib and Other Stories

    Macmillan Children's Books. 2015. ISBN: 1447286731,9781447286738. 488 pages.

    In The Fib, The Swap and?? ?The Trick, George Layton's collections of short stories evoke a nostalgic, atmospheric view of growing up in the 1950s. Now published together for the first time as a bind-up. The coach started to move off. I felt frightened. All these weeks, looking forward to it, and now I didn't want to go. Please, Mum, let me go home. She was running alongside, waving her hanky and crying . . . He'd nagged his mother for weeks to let him go on the school exchange, swapping his home in the backstreets of a northern town for a posh house in London. With a proper family. With a dad. But now it was all going wrong . . .

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  • MPs from all parties getting cold feet on adopting new powers

    11/02/15 ,via Prince George Citizen

    Nycole Turmel was appointed interim leader in 2011 after an ailing Jack Layton recommended her. The current provisions also mean that only nine NDP MPs would have to sign a notice requesting a review of Thomas Mulcair's leadership for that secret ballot ...

  • Gunter, Daniel C.

    11/02/15 ,via Winston-Salem Journal

    Tatum Layton, Sophia Smith, Lincoln Smith, Daniel Gunter, IV. In addition to the immediate family, Dan is survived by brother George Gunter and wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Robbie Gunter. Dan was predeceased by brothers, Robert, Neil, Dale, Miley ...

  • Small town sees 3 vie for council seats

    11/01/15 ,via St George Utah

    Hadley moved to New Harmony from Layton about eight years ago and said he enjoys cycling ... Challenger Fredrick Scott Pace, who has lived in New Harmony for 25 years after moving from St. George in 1990, said he enjoys the small town feel the area ...


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