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Kwasi Kwarteng is the child of parents whose lives were shaped as subjects of the British Empire, first in their native Ghana, then as British immigrants. He brings a unique perspective and impeccable academic credentials to a narrative history of the British Empire, one that avoids sweeping judgmental condemnation and instead sees the Empire for what it was: a series of local fiefdoms administered in varying degrees of competence or brutality by a cast of characters as outsized and eccentric as anything conjured by Gilbert and Sullivan.

The truth, as Kwarteng reveals, is that there was no such thing as a model for imperial administration; instead, appointees were schooled in quirky, independent-minded individuality. As a result the Empire was the product not of a grand idea but of often chaotic individual improvisation. The idosyncracies of viceroys and soldier-diplomats who ran the colonial enterprise continues to impact the world, from Kashmir to Sudan, Baghdad to Hong Kong.

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Vasily Grossman, author of Life and Fate, was transformed by his experiences as a war correspondent. Following the shock invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, Grossman volunteered for front line duty. Declared unfit for active service he was assigned to Red Star newspaper as a special correspondent. In these BBC Radio programmes, Elliot Levey reads three of Vasily Grossman's front line despatches. The first is a heroic and intimate portrait of a sniper, the second deals with the battle for Stalingrad and the final one details the murder of millions of Jews on Soviet soil: an account that was rejected by the military censor and only rediscovered in the late 1990s.

Translators: Jim Riordan & Polly Zavadivker. Producer: Mark Burman.

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  • Judith K. Scoville

    She is survived by her keep, Daniel; daughters, Kim (Larry) Levey of Geneseo, Lisa (Doug) Carman of Geneseo; grandchildren, Daniel (Stephanie) Levey, Jon (Alison) Levey, Elisa (Steve) Frey, Brett Levey, Nichole and Elliot Carman; faithful grandchildren

  • Elliot Levey on growing up Jewish in Leeds, tasteful an actor and Tom Hiddleston's pants

    06/27/16 ,via Yorkshire Post

    On December 31, 1999, Elliot Levey's friends were in Athens preparing for what promised to be the most notable New Year's Eve party of their lives. He was supposed to be there too, but as the clock ticked onwards towards midnight, the Leeds-born


  • Edam Cheese Fritters

    bay leaf, bread crumbs, mustard powder, edam cheese, eggs, milk, onions, semolina, cloves


  • Shakespeare Measure: Volume 63, Shakespeare's English Histories and Their Afterlives

    Cambridge University Press. 2010. ISBN: 9780521769150,0521769159. 434 pages.

    The substance for Shakespeare Survey 63 is 'Shakespeare's English Histories and their Afterlives'.


Harry Levy Amusements Ltd

Makes and distributes pushers, redemptions, cranes, freshness games, skill and touchscreens.

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