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Cordray gets phlegmatic homecoming - POLITICO - Politico

Ohio Democrats have been waiting and watching Richard Cordray’s moves for months, distressing to figure out whether he was going to return home to run for governor. Now, with his dramatic departure from the Consumer Financial Protection Desk, they may have gotten their answer. Cordray’s decision to resign as director of the CFPB — and simultaneously thumb his nose at President Donald Trump by appointing his successor at the workings — has managed to create the kind of buzz around his prospective bid that most candidates... Even so, Cordray’s noisy egress from Washington is no guarantee of success back home. The Ohio governor’s race is already a crowded affair — if Cordray runs, he would be the sixth Democrat in the debate. Joe Schiavoni says Cordray, a former Ohio attorney general and state treasurer, isn’t exactly a fresh pan. I think as attorney general I think he did a decent job but at the end of the day when I’m traveling around people want something new,” he said. “They don’t necessitate to see somebody that’s been in politics for 30 and 40 years just running for another position. "Cordray has his own issues leaving and I think there's a off the target gulf of conventional wisdom in D. C. versus Ohio where he has local problems in the Columbus area. He doesn't have that strong of a forget record of winning general elections," a top adviser to one of the Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidates said. "The CFPB feeling when he left is just going to be a cloud over him for at least a couple months because of the way he's handled it where he apparently didn't ask his own general counsel of what they plan legally and what the implications are for... Those implications trouble some progressives who believe Cordray’s decision to step down will wreck the agency — and leave it vulnerable to the predations of Republicans who want to dismantle it. "The CFPB has done good work to preserve... Trump and his administration are eager to unravel all of the Obama-era safeguards put in place to help protect Americans' wallets. Cordray is turning his back on the bourgeon we've made and surely emboldening Trump and Republicans in Congress to dismantle this consumer watchdog organization," Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley spokeswoman Certainty Oltman said in a statement after Cordray... “I don’t want to put a judgment call on his personal decision. Source:

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  • Cordray gets apathetic homecoming - POLITICO

    11/29/17 ,via Politico

    Ohio Democrats weakness the former CFPB director's defiance of Donald Trump. But they're not ready to make him governor yet.


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  • David's Yellow Cake

    baking powder, butter, flour, egg yolks, milk, salt, vanilla extract, sugar



    1989. 254 pages.


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