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Primal small screen… The Horror at 37,000 Feet (1973)

Back in the seventies there were only three channels on UK TV and you pretty much had to watch what you were given. Was it a co-incidence that families watched TV more as one and that there were many successes in appealing to their common tastes. Content was targeted at this mass demographic and was designed to appeal and not challenge… With our modern array of styles and genres – yet still an amorphous mass of the similar and the same on the hundreds of available channels – it’s hard to... A little tame, a bit tame… obvious and predictable… really. ) and it still projects a residual impact: Shatner’s acting, David Lowell Rich’s well-disciplined direction and what I can now see as more than just fresh-faced charm from the lovely and then ubiquitous Darleen Carr… This is a visit to my primal... It’s impossible to view on its own terms anymore and yet you can catch admirable glimpses of fine acting – it is a strong cast - and appreciate the construction of genuine suspense aboard that generic platform for so much dramatic tension: the jet... Naturally, there are two pretty stewardesses, super Sally (Brenda Benet) and the lithe Margot (Miss Carr) whose short skirt and tight-fitting, leg-revealing stewardess uniform provokes that instant connection with youthful response: topped off... ) as devil-may-care architect, Alan O'Neill and playing his long-suffering wife, Sheila, English export Jane Merrow – she of the ace-face and doe-eyed delivery. Sheila is from old money and has allowed marital loyalty to override her inherited duty: mad Al has uprooted the remains of a druid grave and is transporting it, lock, stock and headstone to top off a new apartment he’s building – oh, how the... Pinder (Tammy Grimes) a woman from Sheila’s parish who understands far more about the true significance of the remains… she makes one last plea for O’Neill to abandon his plan before promising that he will regret it… In practical terms her... Mrs Pinder has brought her dog along which is odd especially given the British control on animal movement… she must be thinking of more than a short stay in America as these things take so long to sort out… Sheila. Source: Dusty Video Box

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Thanks to the Liberty Bank Foundation and Chuck Loring for an inspiring workshop about Board Development and... 11/05/16, @MxCountyHousing



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    1978. ISBN: 0134750128,9780134750125. 300 pages.


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