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Nancy Kyes Interview - Assault On Precinct 13 (1976)

Nancy Kyes discusses the making of Assault On Precinct 13 and what John Carpenter's original vision was suppose to be. Buy Assault On Precinct from Scream Fa.

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  • [This Day In Horror] Nancy Kyes Was Born

    12/19/12 ,via Bloody Disgusting

    With Halloween being one of the all-time great landmark horror films, it's hard to overestimate just how important each piece of that film is. And a fairly important component of that film, Nancy Kyes (aka Nancy Loomis, as she was originally credited

  • Halloween (1978) vs. Halloween (2007)

    10/31/14 ,via KIMT 3

    15 years later, he breaks out and heads back to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, pursued by his Ahab-like psychologist, Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence). Donning a mechanic's jumpsuit and a white mask that was molded after the face of William 


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  • Re: Assemble

    1999. 16 pages.

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Nancy Kyes - Official Site

Nancy Kyes. displays the artwork of Nancy Kyes, an artist from Southern California.

Nancy Kyes - IMDb

Nancy Kyes, Actress: Halloween. Pretty, perky and appealing brunette actress Nancy Kyes had a regrettably brief acting career; she appeared in three excellent ...

Nancy Kyes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nancy Louise Kyes (born December 19, 1949) is an American film and television actress. In most of her film appearances, she is credited under her stage name Nancy Loomis.

Nancy Kyes - Biography - IMDb

Nancy Louise Kyes: Height: ... she appeared in three excellent features for director John Carpenter in which she acted under the name of Nancy Loomis. She was born on ...

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Nancy Kyes

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