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A Thing Devoted chronicles two years in the life of a Christian family devastated by adultery and divorce.

Three, adopted, multi-racial children, struggle with the question of God’s seeming indifference to their pain. Ten year old Abster, a tiny spy in the house of loss and confusion, keeps a daily record of her observations.

“If you attend church weekly, and on time, are attentive in Sunday school, get full immersion baptism, tithe more than ten per cent, volunteer in the nursery, pray for missions, and really, truly believe in God, shouldn’t you be protected? Shouldn’t He keep terrible things from happening to you? I understand my obligations to Jesus, but what are His, to me?”

This intimate story of one family's journey through fire, considers the purpose of suffering, its defining nature, and ultimately its life giving power.
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Despite promises of eternal joy given by the Tree of Life, a privileged young woman loses everything in a brutal war. Her husband disappears; her family is murdered; her home is burned to the ground.

Desperate, starving, and burdened with an unwanted child, she now despises and rejects the Tree she once worshiped. Ripped from her land and people, forced into survival immigration, she becomes a refugee serving in the homes of the rich. Her unusually gifted child thrives, but is an ever present reminder of ultimate loss and betrayal.

Two women, broken and rooted in bitterness, continue to be drawn towards the song of a Tree that will not let them go. Along roads of degrading poverty and equally destructive wealth, each much wrestle with the siren call of perfect love, and its altar sacrifice of perfect trust.

Pestaño: Lotis Key and other chess dramas - Sun.Star

LOTIS Key is a former professional film and theater actress who starred in almost 90 major films and was once romantically linked with the late Dolphy. ” She is married to Bambi Kabigting, a former basketball player of the Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles and Crispa Redmanizers. She has been in the limelight lately as the “foster” mother of chess sensation Wesley So and became controversial during the just-concluded US Championship, which I featured last week. The daughter describes herself as Wesley`s best friend. “My mother, Lotis Key-Kabigting has given up her entire life to support Wesley, and help him achieve his dreams of becoming world Champion. She has devoted endless love, time, energy and money to aid him in becoming a better person and chess player. When my mother says she’s going to do something, she gives everything and holds nothing back. She has given up all the comforts of home as she has almost no time now to spend at the house with her family, beloved animals, or attend to her businesses. She has no time for friends, socializing, or personal vacations. She has put everything on hold for Wesley. She has committed herself to travel with Wesley to every single tournament he has this year so that he won’t be alone, will be protected, and can focus on nothing but chess. She continues to shield and protect those whom she loves because she is a warrior. Well Mom, I want everyone to know that I am here and I will always fight for you. She is the most selfless person I know, and always gives a hundred percent to help anyone and everyone become the best they can be. No one can hold a candle to her. --Your daughter, Abigail Grace Key. The chess world was full of other dramas last week with news of Wesley So’s disqualification in the ninth round of the US Chess Championship and Gaioz Nigalidze getting caught cheating at the Dubai Open. The US Championship was highly successful but it was Wesley So’s sensational forfeit that took most of the attention. In a stunning decision, the arbiter Tony Rich forfeited Wesley So when it was discovered that So was writing notes to himself during the game,. Wesley wrote a reminder to himself on a piece of paper:. Source:

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  • Pestaño: Lotis Key and other chess dramas

    04/23/15 ,via Sun.Star

    LOTIS Key is a former professional film and theater actress who starred in almost 90 major films and was once romantically linked with the late Dolphy. She is the author of two novels, “The Song Of The Tree” and “A Thing Devoted.” She is married to

  • Lotis Key — Feeding my Filipino

    03/09/15 ,via

    My husband has invited three Filipino coworkers and their wives to dinner. That means we will be eight people total. I have been prepping and cooking for two days. Butternut squash bisque. Grilled salmon. Baby bok choy. Sesame honey chicken wings.


Lotis Key, the most beautiful Dolphy leading lady, looks like @ricaperalejoph Happy Monday! 12/21/15, @anjosdad
RT @Qatar_Masters: Wesley So and Lotis Key 12/20/15, @grchess
RT @Qatar_Masters: Wesley So and Lotis Key 12/20/15, @ruchess_ru


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  • Cinema of the Philippines

    McFarland & Company Incorporated Pub. 2015. ISBN: 0786430478,9780786430475. 425 pages.

    "This book offers a rare study of cinema in the Philippines. The first half of the work presents the little-known history of Filipino cinema. The second half of the book is the most comprehensive published filmography of Filipino cinema to date"--Provided

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  • Drama and Intrigue as Asian Americans Sweep Chess Championship

    04/17/15 ,via NBC News

    His star pupil dropped out to turn pro after winning a major tournament last year with a cash prize of $100,000, and moved to Minnesota to live with the family of Lotis Key, a Filipino-American author who also runs chidren's charities in the Philippines.

  • Chess world in shock after Wesley So's family drama overshadows US Championships

    04/13/15 ,via Daily Telegraph

    The 21-year-old Philipino was taken in by Lotis Key and her husband, Renato Kabigting and moved to Minnesota after which his career flourished. He stormed into the world’s top 10 after winning $100,000 at the Millionaire Open in Las Vegas. According to ...

  • Wesley So's life and career in turmoil

    04/13/15 ,via Rappler

    Eleanor So says that the actress, Lotis Key, has “smeared” her family and accused her ... Around noon Monday, a post appeared on Wesley So's Facebook page, referring to his mother by her first name, saying: “All your statements to Chessdom are ...


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The true calling of the artist is not the entertainment of fools but the awakening of thought. Lotis Melisande

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Lotis Melisande Key is a former professional film and theater actress who starred in 85 major films in Asia. She is the currently Vice President of Minnesota ...

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Lotis Key, Actress: Untamed Heart. Lotis Key was born as Lotis M. Key. She is an actress, known for Untamed Heart (1993), Return of the Dragon (1974) and Ang ...

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Lotis Melisande. CONNECT WITH ME! The Blog. CONVERGENCE; Lunatic Magnet; Feeding My Filipino; A Rose by Any Other Name; ... Lotis Key, Christian Author Copyright ...

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Lotis Key to Pidol: ‘We’ll always be connected’

Lotis Key to Pidol: ‘We’ll always be connected’