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In this multilayered historical novel that explores family secrets and hidden identities, "Woods skillfully captures the disorienting mixture of heady freedom and mounting fear characterizing 1930s Berlin, and the political and gender issues she raises add contemporary relevancy" (Publishers Weekly).

Berlin, 1931: Sisters raised in a Catholic orphanage, Berni and Grete Metzger are each other's whole world. That is, until life propels them to opposite sides of seedy, splendid, and violent Weimar Berlin. Berni becomes a cigarette girl, a denizen of the cabaret scene alongside her transgender best friend, who is considering a risky gender reassignment surgery. Meanwhile Grete is hired as a maid to a Nazi family, and begins to form a complicated bond with their son. As Germany barrels toward the Third Reich and ruin, one of the sisters must make a devastating choice.

South Carolina, 1970: With the recent death of her father, Janeen Moore yearns to know more about her family history, especially the closely guarded story of her mother's youth in Germany. One day she intercepts a letter intended for her mother: a confession written by a German woman, a plea for forgiveness. What role does Janeen's mother play in this story, and why does she seem so distressed by recent news that a former SS officer has resurfaced in America?

An evocative tale about family ties, hard choices, and the weight of history in our lives, Fraulein M. shines light on a brilliant new voice.

There's verbatim a ton of plastic garbage for every person in the world - Alaska Dispatch News

A new research that tracked the global manufacture and distribution of plastics since they became widespread after World War II found that only 2 billion tons of that plastic is still in use. In 1960, pliable accounted for just 1 percent of junk in municipal landfills across the world. As single-package containers led to an explosion in convenience and use, that thousand grew to 10 percent in 2005. A recent study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences estimated the amount of cheap debris floating in the open... Plastic's vampire-like life cycle is nothing new. What's new with this research is its use of manageable-production data with "product lifetime distributions from eight different industrial sectors" to build a scientific archetype that showed "how long plastics are in use before they reach the end of... Source:

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  • There's faithfully a ton of plastic garbage for every person in the world

    07/20/17 ,via Alaska Dispatch News

    This 2013 photo, entranced at Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean, shows some of the 4781 bottle caps collected from shorelines by a 9-colleague team from the PIFSC Coral Reef Ecosystem Division. NOAA photo by Kristen Kelly. Share on Facebook Facebook.

  • Town, Planning Board members sued

    07/19/17 ,via Sentinel & Enterprise

    abandon its application, permit them to immediately install the proposed tower, and pay for the company's legal fees. Without thought not being named in the lawsuit, city Planning Director Kristen Kelly said she could not comment on the issue because of the


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  • Kelly's Chili

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  • Kelly's Chicken Marsala

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  • Abracadabra!

    Regnery Publishing. 2016. ISBN: 9781510702974,1510702970. 96 pages.

    Invoke your inner Houdini and learn simple magic tricks that will wow your family and friends! How did he do that? Have you ever racked your brains trying to figure out how that birthday celebration magician pulled a dove out of his sleeve? Or spent sleepless nights wondering just how he made that coin disappear? Well, what if there were a book that shared a virtuoso’s secrets with you and showed you how to do magic, too? Eleven-year-old magician Kristen and her magician dad, Ken, reveal secret magic techniques with step-by-step photographs and manifest how you can perform tricks that look impossible but are, in fact, very simple to master! You’ll also learn one of the most important secrets about becoming a enchanter—how to use your confidence, personality, and presentation skills to enchant and amaze your friends and family. Choose from thirty of Kristen and Ken’s coolest tricks and learn how to: • Make a run for it a pencil float in mid-air! • Bend a key using your mind! • Make a pile of items disappear! • Eat a knife! • And much more! With Abracadabra!, you’ll see that you don’t have to be an of age to perform magic!


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Kristen Kelly is an American territory music singer from Lorena, Texas. She is signed to Arista Nashville and has released her debut single, "Ex-Old Man".

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The A-OK Place and Bad Moms star Kristen Bell has been tapped to sing the closing tune to the Jeff Orlowski-directed Sundance documentary Chasing Coral, present ...

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Over the years, Kristen has been interviewed, featured, or photographed in countless media sources, especially since the attainment and popularity of the Twilight movie.

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Kristen Stewart, Actress: Evening. Though most famous for her role as Isabella "Bella" Swan in The Twilight (2008) Saga, Kristen Stewart has been a working actor ...