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The Magbinisaya Kita Primer 1
Audio CD Companion Part 2 of 2

The Magbinisaya Kita Primer Revised Edition ( re-formatted 2009 )is an expanded version of the 1999 Magbinisaya Kita Cebuano Primer 1. Just like the MK Module 1, its format is concise and functional. It includes 13 lessons, four examinations, a glossary, a list of idiomatic expressions and useful phrases, grammar notes culled after over 12 years of scholarship. Each lesson consists of the following sections: Presentation (simple text and/or every day dialogs); Vocabulary -words, useful phrases and common expressions, Practice (putting the lesson in use), Grammar Notes, Exercises (internalizing the lesson).

Appended are the following: about 1000 word-glossary, simplified review of Grammar rules with corresponding examples, and a discussion on Cebuano phonology.
Approximate study time for this module is 60 hours (allotting 2 hours per day of serious study). Once this module is mastered, the learners will then be ready to deal more confidently with the second module --verbal predicates or comments.

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.


Kalau nak kira berapa kali aku dengan kawan-kawan aku cakap pasal trip yang akan kita orang pergi sama-sama aku rasa mungkin atleast sekali seminggu. Nothing wrong with planning ahead but I can tell you one thing for sure, we would really like to go somewhere far together as a group. Setiap kali kitaorang bukak topic ni mesti diakhiri dengan kesedaran yang parents tak akan bagi pergi until we start earning money on our own which is probably ging to take atleast another 7 years in time but I guess things like this can wait as... Not going to lie, I had done some researching on the country that we wanted to visit. I even wrote down in my note book that I had actually ripped it out 5 minutes after realizing that it is useless that I'm doing it now since things are going to change. Those travel-related-live-tv-show is not helping either. Last time I watched the tv I almost booked a flight ticket to Paris 30 minutes after the show ends. Ofcourse, my parents never knew about this the would go mental over all these crazy things I did due to obsession with travelling. I do miss going on planes. Source: Hedgehogs

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@rvsslin bae looking fresh. I hooked him up! Now Darren Young on the other hand *glares* 06/16/15, @MissXtreme_Kita
Happy birthday day to my beloved friend.. Don't be sad, May God bless you in everything.. Stg kita celebrate.. 06/16/15, @nisa_kown
June 16 2012,.1:15pm at northern mindanao medical center... Happy 3rd birthday calvin alexis Mahal n mhal kita... 06/16/15, @krizzCo29


  • Kita and Dandi

    2015. ISBN: 0970130120,9780970130129. 33 pages.

    "KITA and his friends Tri and Square learn an important lesson about chooing what they think. Through a flower named Dandi, they learn that how you perceive things affects your life either positively or negatively. When you make positive choices everyone's life is better"--Back Cover.

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Kita Club: Сайт для девочек, игры для ...

Kita Club (Кита Клаб) на канале M1! Все для девочек. Игры, советы, тесты. Советы, как познакомиться ...


Provides trade and information, product catalogs, statistics, tariff schedules, daily trade news, consulting services, and exhibitions in Korea.

KITA - 한국무역협회

무역협회가 제공하는 무역정보 네트워크 서비스로 무역통계와 중국정보. 오퍼게시판을 마련하며 외환금융정보.

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Kita may refer to: Contents 1 People 2 Organizations 3 Geography 3.1 Places in Japan People Kita (surname) Kita, the stage name of Sampsa Astala, a member of the ...

Candace Kita

Candace Kita

My sweet heart Kita telling her father not to touch her food.

My sweet heart Kita telling her father not to touch her food.

Candace Kita

Candace Kita

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