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King’s Journey is a fascinating read. The author leads the reader through the writer’s life spiced throughout with amusing anecdotes and interesting narratives. Never a dull moment throughout.
In his highly readable book, Melech Thal gives a fascinating account of his youth as a South African farm boy. Later, during his studies at the University of Natal he became an expert swordsman and coached the university’s fencing club.
After the Six Day War, having emigrated to Israel he became one of the country’s leading fencing masters. One of his pupils achieved the title of Israeli Champion and went on to represent his country at the Olympic games.
A first-class marksman, Melech commanded respect in unarmed combat as well as archery.
In 1970 he became a professional photographer and managed his own popular photographic business for more than forty years.
Then fascinated by the film industry Melech became an accomplished actor and starred in over thirty movies including the multiple award-winning ‘Fill the Void’ in 2012.
Melech Thal’s autobiography provides the reader with a delightful account of his genealogy and life-story.
From the book:
In 1992 I had started receiving e-mail letters from Daniella and
Eitan, which thrilled me immensely even though the letters
were few and far between. I phoned them from time to time
but found it difficult to establish closeness with them. I felt that
my religious had something to do with it.
Daniella phoned me one day to tell me she was married. She
told me her husband’s name was Gilby Clarke. He played
guitar in a rock band. “They’re quite well known.” She added.
I thought to myself, why does she feel the necessity to tell me
they are well known?
“So who are they?” I asked, trying to sound excited.“You probably won’t know the band.” She said. “It’s called
‘Guns ‘n Roses’.”
There was a long pause. I was dumbstruck. Guns ‘n Roses was in
fact the top band in the world. I wished her mazal tov. I walked
out of my shop to the opposite side of the mall, where my friend
Bentzi owned a gift shop. He saw me just outside his store,
paging through his poster stand. I wanted to see a picture of my
son-in-law. Bentzi came out to ask me what I was looking for.
He quickly found me a poster of Guns ‘n Roses. I must admit
I was shocked. The group of long-haired, shirtless, tattooed
musicians jarred my conservative sense of taste...

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