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Winner, Overseas Press Club of America Cornelius Ryan Award
Winner, Washington Office on Latin America/Duke Human Rights Book Award
Winner, J. Anthony Lukas Work-in-Progress Award
Finalist, PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award for Nonfiction
Finalist, J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize
Finalist, New York Public Library Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism
One of the best books of the year according to Amazon, Slate, The Christian Science Monitor & Kirkus Reviews, and a Barnes & Noble 'Discover Great New Writers' Book

Published to glowing reviews and awards, The Big Truck That Went By is a crucial, timely look at a signal failure of international aid. 

Jonathan M. Katz was the only full-time American news correspondent in Haiti on January 12, 2010, when the deadliest earthquake in the history of the Western Hemisphere struck the island nation. In this visceral first-hand account, Katz takes readers inside the terror of that day, the devastation visited on ordinary Haitians, and through the monumental--yet misbegotten--rescue effort that followed. 

More than half of American adults gave money for Haiti, part of a global response totaling $16.3 billion in pledges. But four years later the effort has foundered. Its most important promises-to rebuild safer cities, alleviate severe poverty, and strengthen Haiti to face future disasters-remain unfulfilled. How did so much generosity amount to so little? What went wrong? In what a Miami Herald Op-Ed called "the most important written work to emerge from the rubble," Katz follows the money to uncover startling truths about how good intentions go wrong, and what can be done to make aid "smarter." Reporting alongside Bill Clinton, Wyclef Jean, Sean Penn, and Haiti's leaders and people, Katz creates a complex, darkly funny, and unexpected portrait of one of the world's most fascinating countries. The Big Truck That Went By is not only a definitive account of Haiti's earthquake, but of the world we live in today.
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Cryptography is ubiquitous and plays a key role in ensuring data secrecy and integrity as well as in securing computer systems more broadly. Introduction to Modern Cryptography provides a rigorous yet accessible treatment of this fascinating subject.

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Integrating a more practical perspective without sacrificing rigor, this widely anticipated Second Edition offers improved treatment of:

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Moontower Preview: Jonathan Katz, Still Finding Comedy in Odd Places ... - The Interrobang

Katz’s son Ben, and was still relatively unknown. Laura Silverman who played Dr. Katz’s receptionist “Laura” had only done a few guest roles. And the list of comedians who appeared on the show as Dr. Katz’s patients is an endless who’s who of stand-up comedy. ” Not only was the show a comedy barometer, but Katz had an impact on his ‘patients’. “It helped one guy and it made one woman cry,” he said referring to the show’s ‘therapy. ’ He disclosed the identity of the comedian who he helped– Bob Balaban– saying only that Balaban “actually felt better after seeing me. ” He won’t divulge the identity of the woman who cried– too gossipy– but he blamed himself for her emotional... “I made one woman cry because I took my role a little too seriously as a therapist…. She’s a wonderful comedian, she had issues that are difficult to talk about, and I thought that was where the comedy was going to come from but I was so wrong,” he said. “The comedy actually came from letting them do their act,” Katz continued. “I give all the credit to f it wasn’t for him, it just would have been an idea we had one day over lunch, cause he actually gets things made. But since the series concluded, there have been a few subsequent incarnations of Dr. Katz including a live album, Dr. Katz Live , and several live versions of the show. Some of the live versions have included co-stars H. Jon Benjamin and Laura Silverman and some have included co-creator Tom Snyder portraying Dr. Katz’s therapist. This past January at San Francisco Sketchfest, Katz said he “was accompanied on the piano by and Jon Benjamin who plays Ben. The Moontower performance of Dr. Katz Live will be completely different from the previous live versions. Katz said he plans to open with stand up this time, and make the “almost magical transition” from Jonathan Katz to Dr. Katz early in the show. Starting with straight stand up, Katz told us is liberating. “I’m going to start it with stand up which is kind of liberating somewhat,” he said, “because I don’t have to pretend that there’s no audience there, cause Dr. Katz is in his office in therapy. ” As for the rest of the evening, we don’t want to give too much away, but we can tell you this– H. Jon Benjamin and Laura Silverman won’t be. Source:

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  • Moontower Preview: Jonathan Katz, Still Finding Comedy in Odd Places ...

    04/22/15 ,via The Interrobang

    The “he” in question, of course is stand up comedian Jonathan Katz. In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the series, Katz is bringing a live version of the show to the Moontower Comedy Festival later this week, and we couldn't wait to talk with

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    So, how did Howard Jacobs practice? He knew the law. He knew which statutes applied. But he still went to the books and read the statute anyway, and copied it, and marked it and put it in his file. When he sued someone (and he sued many, many people) 


RT @WatchInsideJoke: Get ready for Dr. Katz LIVE at @MoontowerComedy with our interview with the great @jonathan_katz!… 04/24/15, @LynnCinnamon
RT @WatchInsideJoke: Get ready for Dr. Katz LIVE at @MoontowerComedy with our interview with the great @jonathan_katz!… 04/24/15, @trulyfun360
@thatsfunny @jonathan_katz @domirrera @mariabamfoo @AndyKindler @danagould @EmoPhilips @MoontowerComedy OMG. What a kick-ass lineup! 04/24/15, @Tierno158



  • Introduction to Modern Cryptography

    CRC Press. 2007. ISBN: 9781584885511,1584885513. 552 pages.

    Cryptography plays a key role in ensuring the privacy and integrity of data and the security of computer networks. Introduction to Modern Cryptography provides a rigorous yet accessible treatment of modern cryptography, with a focus on formal definitions, precise assumptions, and rigorous proofs. The authors introduce the core principles of modern cryptography, including the modern, computational approach to security that overcomes the limitations of perfect secrecy. An extensive treatment of private-key encryption and message authentication follows. The authors also illustrate design principles for block ciphers, such as the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and present provably secure constructions of block ciphers from lower-level primitives. The second half of the book focuses on public-key cryptography, beginning with a self-contained introduction to the number theory needed to understand the RSA, Diffie-Hellman, El Gamal, and other cryptosystems. After exploring public-key encryption and digital signatures, the book concludes with a discussion of the random oracle model and its applications. Serving as a textbook, a reference, or for self-study, Introduction to Modern Cryptography presents the necessary tools to fully understand this fascinating subject.

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  • Her D in Biology notwithstanding, Maria Bamford is a genius at making dark comedy funny

    04/23/15 ,via Austin Chronicle

    Her performances span the length of the fest, including a Thursday night appearance on Dr. Katz Live, Jonathan Katz's stage version of his animated series, Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist. In an email interview, she said she hopes to include about a ...

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    My name may be Katz, but I wasn’t taking any chances.” It took a little over a week, but Version 37,793 finally got the job done. The four NFL employees who help make the schedule, from left to right: Michael North, Jonathan Payne, Howard Katz and ...

  • Moontower Preview: Jonathan Katz, Still Finding Comedy in Odd Places (Interview)

    04/22/15 ,via

    He has a substandard poodle, he owns the domain name, his groupies are middle aged jewish couples who invite him over for soup, he likes to find comedy in odd places, and he is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his show, Dr. Katz ...


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The Official Website of Jonathan Katz! See videos from Dr. Katz, television appeatances and more. Follow Jonathan Katz's Podcast 'Hey We're Back', and keep up to date ...

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Jonathan Katz, Writer: House of Games. Jonathan Katz was born on December 1, 1946 in New York City, New York, USA as Jonathan Paul Katz. He is an actor and writer ...

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Jonathan Paul Katz (born December 1, 1946) is an American comedian, actor, and voice actor best known for his starring role in the animated sitcom Dr. Katz ...

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