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E-Force lurks in the Colorado Rockies, unleashing destruction at prominent ski resorts. While the media validates the extremists’ radical action, Colt Kelley, a disillusioned environmentalist, finds himself inescapably linked to their crimes. When people close to Colt start dying, a dark conspiracy below the eco-terrorist façade thrusts him into the cross hairs of merciless killers and an organization with unfathomable power. In a race against time and ruthless evil, Colt is the only obstacle between E-Force and a terrible hidden purpose. To stop both, Colt must take his own radical action…or die trying.

Kellogg column: Graduates, brace true to your purpose and you will succeed - Glenwood Springs Post Independent

Seuss said, "You're off to Proficient Places. " As Americans, we are at liberty to harness our abilities and ambitions and work toward prosperity. Use your freedom and finances to further your yearn and strengthen your faith. Commit to a purpose-driven life founded on faith and you'll move mountains. Dare to vision and, "Oh, the Places You'll Go. ". By design, the U. S. government has the power to guarantee our inalienable rights. It is also subject to the limitations of a republic intended to on the will of the people. Limits on government interference allow capitalism to stimulate creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our spontaneous-market economy creates more wealth and opportunities than any other economic system. Americans with a strong work ethic and stance of personal responsibility can accomplish anything. The ethic of work holds special promise in America. Leverage your talents, occupation hard and build wealth. You are free to go as far as ambition, energy and talents take you. Take charge of your life and further your finances. Pelf is a critical tool in life. As a free and prosperous people, our struggle to survive is minimal. There's an irrefutable correlation between an increased beau id of living and the ability to make a positive difference in the world. Liberty fosters enterprise, and capitalism provides the means to grapple with participate in in cooperative trade that fiscally benefits our society. That gives Americans the means to address human issues beyond our own mortal needs. Lasting solutions to problems come from within a person, never from the outside. Working to grow your financial resources will assign you to address the problems in your life. Great personal satisfaction comes when serving others, including God. Without money, you won't have the values bright and early or ability to pursue service, passions and dreams. Prosperity is indispensable in fulfilling your purpose. The United States was founded to strengthen our hope and faith. The Declaration of Independence recognizes our God-given rights to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. " Humans are endowed with independent will, morals and imagination. Our government is intended to not inhibit those divine gifts. We have the freedom and power to choose and to act. You won't achieve your dreams or fulfill a sober purpose until you decide to take action. An attitude of gratitude builds belief that you are meant for something more. Source:

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  • Kellogg column: Graduates, stay valid to your purpose and you will succeed

    Your mountain is waiting. So … get on your way!" James D. Kellogg is an engineering advisor and the author of "Radical Action: A Colt Kelley Thriller." Look for the novel on and by or email

  • Who is James Matthews? Relation of Made In Chelsea star Spencer and Pippa Middleton's husband-to-be

    05/09/17 ,via The Sun

    James trained as a wherewithal trader at Spear, Leeds & Kellogg – which is now part of Goldman Sachs. In 1997, he moved to finance house Nordic Options Ltd where he became a elder equity options trader. He now manages a hedge fund and is chief 


RT @Aerocles: Can't be tabled! Missed James when he joined us at Bacardi HQ and Kellogg HQ this year. 3rd times the charm @jokcofbut! https://t.… 05/18/17, @Brand_Innovator
Can't be put on ice! Missed James when he joined us at Bacardi HQ and Kellogg HQ this year. 3rd times the charm @jokcofbut! 05/18/17, @Aerocles
Umpires for #RedSox @ #STLCards HP: Jeff Kellogg 1B: Tim Timmons 2B: James Hoye 3B: Will Picayune 05/18/17, @UmpCrew


  • James Beard's Chicken Kiev

    chicken, butter, chives, eggs, flour, garlic, parsley, black pepper, rosemary, salt, vegetable oil, water


  • Naval Inspection Center Micro Tactical Expendable Air Vehicle

    2017. 14 pages.

    "Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) sell the promise of affordably expendable, covert sensor platforms for a range of close-in situational awareness activities. Since 1996, the US Naval Examination Laboratory (NRL) has been developing technologies that will enable Navy-relevant missions with the smallest practical MAVs. This effort includes the development and integration of sensors, avionics, and advanced insightful autopilots for flight control, with aerodynamic technologies. The NRL Micro Tactical Expendable (MITE) air vehicle is a result of this research. The operational MITE is a pointer-launched, dual-propeller, fixed-wing air vehicle, with a 9-inch chord and a wingspan of 8 to 18 inches, depending on payload clout. The 14-inch MITE 2 can carry a one ounce analog camera payload for mission flight durations in excess of 20 minutes, at air speeds of 10-20 miles/hour. While the MITE is by a remote controlled air vehicle, both miniature .traditional. autopilots and also .advanced. autopilots, based on visual and spectral imaging techniques, are being developed. Autonomous MITEs will care for inexpensive, covert, highly portable sensor platforms for distribution and use in remote or urban environments. Multiple MITEs will provide distributed networks of roving and immovable sensor systems."--P. [1].


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