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Democratic Decision-Making: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives contains eight essays by political scientists addressing various aspects of the democratic decision-making process. The book is divided into four parts: democratic statesmanship, the extent to which limitations of the democratic principle of majority rule are desirable, the contemporary doctrine of “deliberative democracy,” and informal modes of democratic decision-making.

Under these four headings, the contributors discuss a wide variety of issues, including the practice of “political opportunism” by such statesmen as Hamilton and Madison; the historical development of legal restraints on democracy in America ranging from judicial review (during the colonial period) to the filibuster; the operation of classical Athenian democracy, the defects of which may have been exaggerated by the American Founders; the significance of the reflections of Tammany Hall boss George Washington Plunkitt for the development of the American party system; the relation of deliberative-democracy theory to the thought of Rousseau; and the means by which cooperative land-use agreements have been arrived at in California, eliciting the voluntary consent of the affected parties instead of relying on judicial or bureaucratic dictates. The book is well-suited for use in courses on American political thought, democratic theory, American political development, and related subjects.
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  • El militar que recibió la orden para que 'no apareciera el chaleco'

    01/13/16 ,via

    La Fiscalía la obtuvo, gracias a las labores de radioaficionados que adelantaban reconocidos periodistas que, como Erbin Hoyos y Ramón Jimeno, lograron interceptar la señal de los equipos de comunicación que utilizaron las Fuerzas Militares en ese 

  • Investigación liderada por panameños es publicada en la revista 'Lancet'

    01/07/16 ,via La Prensa

    En el estudio, liderado por los médicos panameños Xavier Sáez-Llorens (director científico) y José Jimeno (director de logística), participó una veintena de profesionales locales, entre pediatras, enfermeras, técnicos, asistentes, secretarias, entre


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  • Congressional Record, V. 148, PT. 1, January 23, 2002 to February 13, 2002

    Government Printing Office. 2006. 1430 pages.

    Contains the proceedings and debates of the 107th Congress, 2nd Session.

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  • Film Qwiks Iron Jawed Angels September 11th

    12/22/15 ,via Female First

    and Officer WILLIAM J JIMENO (Pena) from the ruins of the New York's World Trade Center.The movie, which is set to be released in August (06), is based on the true story of McLoughlin and Jimeno, the last two survivors pulled from the wreckage of the Twin ...

  • James Moseley Saves Lives Without Being There In Person

    11/15/15 ,via NewsBlaze

    William Jimeno, a police officer at the New York Port Authority, who is a 9/11 World Trade center survivor-hero said that if the Sunseeker fire blanket had been wrapped around the beams of the old World Trade Center, lives could have been saved.

  • 7 incredible stories of heroism on 9/11

    09/11/15 ,via The Business Insider

    The two officers, William Jimeno and John McLoughlin, were on the main concourse between the towers when the South Tower began to fall, but made it into a freight elevator before the collapse. They were alive but seriously injured, trapped approximately ...


Will Jimeno - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

William J. "Will" Jimeno (born November 26, 1967) is a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department officer who survived the September 11 attacks in 2001.

John McLoughlin and William Jimero: WTC Survivors

The rescue and lives of John McLoughlin and William Jimeno is the subject of Oliver Stone's World Trade Center. Both are two Port Authority policemen, now retired ...

Florida v. Jimeno - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Holding; Jimeno's consent to the search of the car did extend to the closed paper bag within the car, and did not violate the Fourth Amendment's prohibition of ...

Buried Alive: 10 Years Later - Law Officer

Sources from SOFREP report that immediately following the San Bernardino Shooting, the FBI believed it was an act of terrorism but there was “immense ...

William Jimeno Photo : 42818

William Jimeno Photo : 42818

William Jimeno Pictures - SuperiorPics.

William Jimeno Pictures - SuperiorPics.

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William Jimeno Photo : 42819
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