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Hover!: Build Your Vision from the Ground Up


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Hover!: Build Your Vision from the Ground Up by FaithWords/Hachette Book Group
Product Description
You don't have to be an entrepreneur to think like one and take flight with your dreams.

Too often we remain in jobs that stifle our souls and leave us on the runway of opportunity with the engine of our deepest passion stalled, watching others make their personal vision a reality and build a legacy for their children-the opposite of what God intends for us. But it's never too late to get your dreams off the ground! If you long to maximize your unique abilities and aptitudes, if you strive to combine personal fulfillment with professional satisfaction, if you dream of creating exceptional goods and offering transformative services and fulfilling God's destiny for you, then you are ready to SOAR!

In SOAR! T.D. Jakes reveals how to build the uniquely personal vision within each of us into our special contribution to the world. Blending the practical business acumen of a successful, global CEO with the dynamic inspiration of a life coach, SOAR! provides the tools needed to ignite our imaginations into action and challenges us to embrace our God-given purpose as we align our character and creativity with our careers.

Bridging both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, SOAR! is a practical and easy-to-follow flight plan for launching the entrepreneurial drive inside each of us. It provides an inspiring look into the mindset of people who don't wait to see what will happen but strategically build the wings that will take them to new heights. So buckle your seat belts and prepare for liftoff-you have been cleared to fly beyond your fears, to absolutely SOAR!
Doom: Step into Your Purpose


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Doom: Step into Your Purpose by FaithWords/Hachette Book Group
Product Description
Remember feeling a pull, sensing a divine guide that was leading you to the right place or person? DESTINY, that inner compass, directs you to fulfillment of your highest purpose. When you reflect on your life, you may be amazed that your greatest moments resulted from circumstances that you did not control or initiate. You were destined!

Stepping into your destiny means fulfilling the role you were created to play in life. You thrive and find the great elixir of contentment when you have the courage to pursue your true purpose.

Life offers more when destiny is our focus! Our divine purpose maneuvers us past challenges, pains, and shortcuts and even what appears on the surface to be failure. On deeper reflection, we understand them as catalysts that shift us toward authentic self-identity, greater exposure, and bold life adventures.

Whether you are just starting out, starting over, or wondering if there is greater success than what you've already accomplished, now is the time to reset your inner compass. Clear your path of distractions and disruptions. Correct places where you have veered off course. Get unstuck. Embrace your God-given purpose and, with this revelatory guide from T.D. Jakes, dare to pursue the unseen order in your life circumstances that is your DESTINY.


Advice from a Dolphin…

Before I had time to blink and realize what had happened, amongst the bustle of this semester’s busyness, self-discovery and hard work, the final day of prac was upon me. This approaching final day of prac sprung upon me out of nowhere, as if a... Source: OccuPassionate Therapy Student

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  • Megachurch leader T.D. Jakes to sue Young Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar over ...

    09/25/14 ,via New York Daily News

    Megachurch leader T.D. Jakes is vowing legal action against Young Jeezy and Kendrick Lamar, claiming the rappers violated one of the Ten Commandments with a recent remix. The towering televangelist behind The Potter's House, a famous Dallas church 

  • TD Jakes Threatens To Sue Rappers for Sampling His Sermon

    09/29/14 ,via

    The “Holy Ghost” remix by Jeezy featuring Kendrick Lamar was produced without the knowledge or consent of T.D. Jakes, TDJ Enterprises, Dexterity Music, or its associated companies. We are taking the necessary legal actions to stop the unauthorized use


You're the most powerful when you're authentic!!! -- TD Jakes 10/19/14, @HeavenlyDLite83
"Woooooo!" 10/19/14, @sunshinehopecom
TD JAKES Price of Power 10/19/14, @twittiedeebaby


  • Chicken Pesto Sandwiches

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  • Can You Stand to Be Blessed?

    Destiny Image Publishers. 2011. ISBN: 9780768497793,0768497795. 74 pages.

    Does any runner enter a race without training for it? Does a farmer expect a harvest without preparing a field? Do Christians believe they can hit the mark without investing any effort? The heart of every believer holds a desire to fulfill his destiny in God. Yet the way to success--and beyond--is full of twists and turns and obstacles. In this book T.D. Jakes teaches you how to unlock the inner strength to go on in God. The requirements that he discusses prepare you for your intended purpose. The only question that remains is, Can You Stand to be Blessed?

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  • Wilson QB Jake Templin talks about Bulldogs' success, his hot streak: Podcast interview

    Wilson senior Jake Templin continued his torrid stretch on Friday, throwing three more TD passes and scoring on an electrifying 58-yard TD run in the Bulldogs’ 28-14 win over Manheim Twp. in John Gurski Stadium. Wilson improved to 5-0 in the league and ...

  • Rev. T. D. Jakes

    10/16/14 ,via Los Angeles Wave

    Memorial services were held this week for former Los Angeles businessman Comer Cottrell, a black hair-care entrepreneur who made millions with an inexpensive hair care kit that introduced the celebrated Jheri Curl into black culture in the 1970s and 1980s.

  • Selena Gomez thanks Bishop TD Jakes for 'unbelievable message': 'Had me in tears'

    10/13/14 ,via Christian Today

    Selena Gomez has thrown herself into faith, family and the community following another reported split from her on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber. The singer shared a picture on her Instagram on Sunday with TD Jakes, pastor of The Potter's House Church, in ...


T.D. Jakes Ministries, Inc. We have created a new gateway to Bishop T. D. Jakes, his Ministries and The Potter’s Church. Connect with us for partnership, prayer, donations, live ...

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T. D. Jakes Ministries, Inc. We have created a new gateway to Bishop T. D. Jakes, his Ministries and The Potter’s Church. Connect with us for partnership, prayer, donations, live ...

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Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Tweet Reignites Debate About Pastor’s Trinity ...

Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Tweet Reignites Debate About Pastor’s Trinity ...

Jakes presents Woman Thou Art Loosed-On the 7th Day: Movie

Jakes presents Woman Thou Art Loosed-On the 7th Day: Movie