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Seu Jorge - Carolina (Vinyl Hardened Like New) 2 LP
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Seu Jorge - Carolina (Vinyl Hardened Like New) 2 LP

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Carolina by Alegria

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Debut album from the City Of God and Life Aquatic star Seu Jorge, co-produced by Mario Caldatto of Beastie Boys and Brazilian Band Planet Hemp fame. 'Carolina' was named album of the year in Brazil in 2002. This album is also available on double vinyl LP

Top 7 Uses of David Bowie Songs in Movies

As sad as it is that David Bowie passed away , it’s been sort of great these past few days to hear everyone’s tributes and see the legacy of a true original in the music world. Yes, his catalog is brilliant on its own, and Bowie was always great when he appeared in movies. Many, many films have used Bowie songs for various scenes over his career. His songs have appeared on soundtracks of all sorts, but special are the scenes that use a song perfectly and create something truly iconic. Below are my seven favorite uses of a David Bowie song in a film. 7) A Knight’s Tale (2001). This was a damned weird movie, and was very much of its time, but there was something kind of wonderful about a medieval-style fairy tale using pop music, both on the soundtrack and in the actual scenes themselves. In this use, Heath Ledger’s pretend knight has to try to convince a banquet hall that he is who he says he is and makes up a dance for it. Miraculously, it works, and the minstrels’ baroque playing of Bowie’s “Golden Years” melts into the actual... 6) Grosse Pointe Blank (1996). This movie has about a billion good songs in it—along with John Cusack’s later High Fidelity , this may be the best jukebox soundtrack I can think of—from the late ’70s and ’80s including the English Beat’s “Mirror... ” For one of the most poignant (and on the nose, if I’m honest) moments of the movie, when hitman Martin Blank (Cusack) holds his friend’s new baby while at his high school reunion, what better music could there be than Bowie and Queen’s “Under... 5) Frances Ha (2012). Even if you find Noah Baumbach’s movies sort of New York Twee, it’s hard to not like Greta Gerwig and her unabashed exuberance. So, for a scene when Frances is running and indeed dancing down the Manhattan streets, Baumbach chose what is arguably David Bowie’s most joyous and upbeat sounding track: “Modern Love,” off of the 1983 album Let’s Dance. It sounds very ’80s, but it paints a picture for damn sure. And when Frances gets up to top speed and straight-up Billy Elliots her way home, it’s kind of magical. 4) The Martian (2015). I couldn’t find the actual clip of this movie, probably because it hasn’t been on Blu-ray for more than a couple days. But when watching Ridley Scott ‘s latest sci-fi epic, with more fun and human emotion than most, a standout moment came when Mark Watney (Matt Damon) on Mars and all the crew back on Earth work to get ready to bring him home. Source: Nerdist

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  • David Bowie Praised Seu Jorge for Taking His Songs to a 'New Level of Beauty ...

    01/11/16 ,via Billboard

    Few versions of David Bowie's music underscore the breadth and depth of his compositions as Seu Jorge's adaptations in Portuguese. Jorge was a rising Brazilian star, fresh from playing a role in the 2002 acclaimed film City of God, which caught

  • Watch Wes Anderson, musician Seu Jorge pay ultimate tribute to David Bowie in ...

    01/11/16 ,via

    Jorge would record an album called "The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions Featuring Seu Jorge" featuring 14 of the covers, though Anderson took extra time to film Jorge performing six of them on "The Life Aquatic" set, which fans found featured on the film


@pankmagazine @Greydrum @DavidBowieReal Heard Seu Jorge's covers of Bowie's songs from The Life Aquatic-then heard the originals. Game over. 01/14/16, @ChrisLoganComic
RT @tweetsonurface: #NowPlaying Life On Mars? by Seu Jorge ♫ 01/14/16, @fireworkscacau
Throwback Thursday: David Bowie's passing inspired me to revisit all those amazing Seu Jorge… 01/14/16, @JulianHiggins



  • Holy Harlots

    Univ of California Press. 2011. ISBN: 9780520949430,0520949439. 312 pages.

    Holy Harlots examines the intersections of social marginality, morality, and magic in contemporary Brazil by analyzing the beliefs and religious practices related to the Afro-Brazilian spirit entity Pomba Gira. Said to be the disembodied spirit of an unruly harlot, Pomba Gira is a controversial figure in Brazil. Devotees maintain that Pomba Gira possesses an intimate knowledge of human affairs and the mystical power to intervene in the human world. Others view this entity more ambivalently. Kelly E. Hayes provides an intimate and engaging account of the intricate relationship between Pomba Gira and one of her devotees, Nazaré da Silva. Combining Nazaré’s spiritual biography with analysis of the gender politics and violence that shapes life on the periphery of Rio de Janeiro, Hayes highlights Pomba Gira’s role in the rivalries, relationships, and struggles of everyday life in urban Brazil. A DVD of the film Slaves of the Saints is included.

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  • This Week On Alt.Latino: New Music, And Remembering A Legend

    01/14/16 ,via OPB

    One of Bowie’s favorite books was Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao. He was a fan of Brazilian singer Seu Jorge. In fact, he said Jorge’s covers of his music made him rediscover some of his own work. “Had Seu Jorge not recorded my ...

  • Remembering David Bowie, Our Starman

    01/13/16 ,via Monsters and Critics

    The freakiest show sounds like home sweet home when Bowie’s voice commands the refrain. Whether it was Seu Jorge’s Portuguese acoustic cover or Jessica Lange’s grandiose rendition in American Horror Story, while both impressive and reverent they ...

  • Under the God: The Best David Bowie Covers

    01/13/16 ,via Yahoo News

    5. Seu Jorge, “Life on Mars” Brazilian musician/actor Jorge’s soundtrack to 2005’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, featuring all Portuguese-language acoustic Bowie covers, is a delight from start to finish; really, almost any of its tracks ...


Seu Jorge - Músicas para Churrasco II

Site oficial do Seu Jorge. Músico, cantor, compositor, instrumentista, produtor e ator. Cheque aqui sua agenda, perfil, blog, discografia, filmografia, clipping e ...

Seu Jorge — Free listening, videos, concerts, stats and ...

Seu Jorge (born June 8, 1970) (Portuguese: IPA: ) is a Brazilian musician, singer, songwriter and actor. Born Jorge Mário da Silva, he was raised in a favela in the ...

Seu Jorge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Seu Jorge; Background information; Birth name: Jorge Mário da Silva: Born (1970-06-08) June 8, 1970 (age 45) [1] Origin: Belford Roxo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Seu Jorge - IMDb

Seu Jorge, Soundtrack: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Seu Jorge was born on June 8, 1970 in Belford Roxo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as Jorge Mário da Silva.

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