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Disclosure Talks Lorde, Sam Smith Collabs and Being Rush Fans

Over the past few years, Disclosure – brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence – have quietly become a pretty big deal in the electronic dance music world. com about the performance, and also how prog-rock legends Rush influenced their career. You guys combine EDM with traditional instruments. how long have you been playing instruments. Howard: I learned bass from the day I could reach the end of the bass. We learned very early on, Guy on drums since he was like two or three. Neither of us can remember learning to play. We just always have played. Guy: There wasn’t really any decision making process, it was just started happening. Howard: Yeah, playing was always a thing. It was starting to write that was a conscious decision, and that didn’t start until we started doing Disclosure. [To Guy] You’d been in a band before when you wrote a few things, but this was the main kind of project we started on as a team. We thought we would—we were aiming to be session musicians, so we wanted to play for someone else’s band or be hired in studios and stuff. So we were just concentrating on getting good at playing on our instruments. We were weren’t ever really even considering trying to write songs. And still is. Your dad is really into progressive rock from the ’60s and ’70s, right. Guy: Yeah, he’s really into prog rock and much older, ‘70s rock and pop and things like Zeppelin and the Who. And our mom was more pop and soul sort of stuff like Seal and Sade, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and also musicals, sort of more theatery stuff. Howard: And everything that they’re into was really musically clever stuff, everything from Michael Jackson to crazy prog rock bands with ridiculous time signatures. But that was great for us, ’cause we wanted to get better at playing, and playing on all that kind of music and prog rock is some of the best you can get outside of jazz. If you can play prog-rock, you’re good enough to play almost anything. Guy: That’s exactly what my dad said too. “Supper’s Ready” by Genesis is 19 minutes long, and it’s in a difficult time signature: 13/12. “If you can play this, you’re gonna be good. ” So I was like, “All right, I’ll learn that. Source: 94.7 Fresh FM

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  • Adele's 21 named the greatest album of all time, topping Michael Jackson and ...

    11/16/15 ,via National Post

    Coming in second on the Billboard 200 list is the soundtrack to Sound of Music, with Michael Jackson's Thriller squeezing in at third place. Taylor Swift's Fearless rolled into the deep at fourth, with Bruce Springsteen's Born In The U.S.A. at fifth

  • Lovelyz A Capella Version Of Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' Gains Media Attention ...

    11/16/15 ,via KpopStarz

    A recent cover of a popuar Michael Jackson song garnered some lovely attention overseas for one K-pop girl group. Over the past few days, Lovelyz's version of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" went viral in the United States. The a cappella performance was


RT @Ghetto_CNN: Michael Jackson hated touring lol 11/17/15, @thatkidrauhl_
RT @VinesAndVids: Michael Jackson hated touring lol 11/17/15, @SPUNKVODKA
RT @MJacksonHD: "Love, joy and peace for the world. That’s what I want…" — Michael Jackson 11/17/15, @smilemj_7


  • Michael Lewis's Cassoulet de Canard

    california, beef broth, black pepper, cloves, duck legs, white beans, garlic, garlic, lamb, onions, leaves, bread crumbs, pork rind, goose, salt, thyme, tomato


  • Michael Jackson

    Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. 2015. ISBN: 1409446964,9781409446965. 243 pages.

    Michael Jackson intrigued and captivated public imagination through musical ingenuity, sexual and racial spectacle, savvy publicity stunts, odd behaviors, and a seemingly apolitical (yet always political) offering of popular art. Intended for classroom use as well as research and general interest, Michael Jackson: Grasping the Spectacle expands our understanding both of this fascinating figure and of gender, sexuality, celebrity, and popular culture.

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  • Michael Jordan jersey from final regular-season Bulls game sells for $173K at auction

    11/17/15 ,via YAHOO

    The jersey that Michael Jordan is wearing ... who completed the second three-peat in the Jordan/Pippen/Phil Jackson era. Jordan would never suit up for the Bulls again after that postseason, retiring and spending three years on the sidelines before ...

  • Jesse Jackson: Missouri students, athletes teach lesson in nonviolent change

    11/17/15 ,via Chicago Sun Times

    Jim Brown. Curt Flood. Hank Aaron. The “Black 14” at the University of Wyoming. The St. Louis Rams. Michael Sam. Tommy Smith and John Carlos, black-gloved fists in the air. LeBron James and Derrick Rose, wearing “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirts.

  • JJ Rosa - "Tonight" (audio) (premiere)

    11/16/15 ,via PopMatters

    It's not every day you come across a young musician who can evoke Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, and Nile Rodgers all at once. “The music I listen to when I’m in that mood has definitely influenced the sounds and feel of the track, so when I wrote the ...


Michael Jackson - Thriller - YouTube

Michael Jackson MTV Awards 1995 Full Performance - Remastered HD - Duration: 15:00. by Rafael Ahmed 15,225,346 views. 15:00 ♫ "Creeper" - A Minecraft Parody of ...

Michael Jackson | The Official Michael Jackson Site

XSCAPE, the critically acclaimed, chart-topping Michael Jackson album, includes the hit singles "Love Never Felt So Good" and "A Place With No Name."

Michael Jackson - YouTube

The Official YouTube Channel of The King of Pop - Michael Jackson. For more info, visit

Джексон, Майкл — Википедия

Майкл Джексон Michael Jackson: Джексон во время выступления в рамках Bad World Tour. Вена. 1988 год

del Pop "Michael Jackson"!!! Qui troverete i Video Musicali di Michael ...

del Pop "Michael Jackson"!!! Qui troverete i Video Musicali di Michael ...

Michael Jackson Michael ♥

Michael Jackson Michael ♥

Michael Jackson!!!! - Michael Jackson Photo (19665848) - Fanpop

Michael Jackson!!!! - Michael Jackson Photo (19665848) - Fanpop

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