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The Leader of Puerto Rico: And Other Stories
The Leader of Puerto Rico: And Other Stories by Brand: William Morrow n Co
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Joe Frank has been called "the apostle of radio noir." In this first collection of stories, he takes us on an obsessive, violent, and sexual odyssey in which individual lives become emblematic of a larger spiritual crisis. He also captures on paper the same eerie speculation and humor he delivers in his late-night monologues on National Public Radio. We meet characters who have jobs, not careers, who lead lives of half-steps, of rootlessness without cause. Frank's narratives result in a kaleidoscopic sense of time, wherein entire lives pass with a few brief moments of inchoate realization. Moments of comic lunacy blend with scenes of great poignancy and terror. In the novella "Night," the protagonist wanders through a series of odd jobs, through prison, to Vietnam, to become the right-hand man of a television evangelist, and without any more purpose approaches his own death. In "Fat Man," a college student travels across the country stealing brownies from roadside Howard Johnsons and then spends the next year returning them. "Date" encapsulates a woman's entire life in her boyfriend's suggestions for her personal ad. "The Decline of the Spengler" is a wildly inventive radio play in which the narrative of a funeral is melded with the dreams of a playwright slowly slipping into madness. In their desperation, the characters in Joe Frank's world, such as the "Fat Man," can only dream of meaningfulness: "You know, when I think about myself and the life I've led, I feel self-loathing, shame, and disgust. I'm a waste and a failure. But when I imagine myself as a character in a novel ... well, I think I'm pretty interesting, kind of off-beat, intriguing, entertaining." For years, Joe Frank's broadcasts have invited millions of listeners to the strange world of his mesmerizing stories. In this, his first book, Frank effortlessly segues to the printed page and imparts a new resonance to his narrative inventions.
Big Frank's Conflagration Truck (Pictureback(R))


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Big Frank's Conflagration Truck (Pictureback(R)) by Random House Books for Young Readers
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Big Frank tells young readers all about firefighting and the many other important jobs firefighters do: fire safety training, fire inspection, helping at accident scenes, and more. It's all in a day's--and night's--work for our firefighting friend and his crew. The detailed full-color illustrations in this paperback book will fascinate readers.

MMBM: Tim Tebow is the Jackie Robinson of the NFL - SB Nation

We're required to remind you that these strong takes are SATIRE. Sorry, not sorry. Wellcome to the Monday Morning BM,, just a word of warning your probably not prepared to handle the strong football takes and barrelfire NFL truths that you never knew your Mondays were missing. This column is written for and by a REAL fan of the NFL. Its designed to be read on your Monday Morning commode break after a long Sunday eating bad-for-you food and drinking beers. Is the NFL ready for a QB like Tim Tebow. For what seems like forever, the position of dual-threat QB has been dominated by a prejudicial mindset that prevented White players from ever even being considered for the job. There was so much instutional racism incorporated into the sport of football that until today, White athletes like Tim Tebow werent ever given the opportunity to succeed at the read-option quaterback position, instead they were encouraged to play... Well that all changed with the stroke of a pen as yesterdays news broke that Tim Tebow is signing with the Philadelpha Eagles, making history as the first White, male, Christian dual threat quaterback. Chip Kelly is a innovator, adapting some misdirection into his fast paced offense and evolving the Wishbone into the Praybone folks. I dont compare people to Jackie lightley, but I think that if your honest with yourself, what he a complished is the perfect analogy for what Tim Tebow is doing right before our very eyes. One day this team is going to have a movie made after it. Tebow and Riley Cooper struggling through oppresson to make it as the first White athletic QB/Wide Receiver duo in the history of the league is literally Oscar-worthy, but ironically the... And "Hard Knocks- the 2015 Philadelpha Eagles" would be our generations "Selma. Its also ironic that athiest NFL fans who believe in science dont believe that Tebows throwing motion could evolve fast enough to compete for a job in the league. Make up your minds, or do you just believe in your "theories" when its convenient for you. File this one away in the chess verse checkers department. Chip Kelly is engaging in psychological warfare verse the rest of the NFL. Source:

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    It has been my contenton that Joe Flacco is whats known as Baldingers Cat- both Elite and Not Elite at the same time. Each week MMBM will track Joe Flaccos performence in order to determine once and for all the answer to the unanserable NFL debate: Is 

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    Finalists: John Ingold, Joe Amon and Lindsay Pierce, of The Denver Post, for an intimate and troubling portrayal of how Colorado's relaxed marijuana laws have drawn hundreds of parents to the state to seek miracle cures for desperately ill children


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  • Joe Frank Harris

    Jones & Bartlett Learning. 1998. ISBN: 0865545995,9780865545991. 280 pages.

    In 1982 a Georgia legislator with, as one journalist put it, the charisma of a bowl of cold grits, came out of nowhere to be elected governor of the state. Serving two terms from 1983 until 1991, Joe Frank Harris compiled a strong record of accomplishment and honesty in government. When he left office, the same journalist who ridiculed Harris's lack of personal magnetism wrote that he had set a standard of personal integrity that will never be surpassed in state government. In this autobiography, former Governor Harris reflects on his public life, which includes nine consecutive terms in the state legislature as well as his years in the governor's office. Along the way the reader learns of his childhood in Cartersville, his deeply religious upbringing, his strong work ethic, and his commitment to serving the people of Georgia. Writing in a popular style, Harris describes his initiation into state government, narrates his surprising gubernatorial campaign, and highlights his accomplishments as Georgia's chief executive. Readers of Southern political and Georgia history will find this a fascinating and well-told story.

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    British promoter Frank Warren has given the strongest indication yet that a massive middleweight rematch between Billy Joe Saunders and Chris Eubank Jr. could be on the cards for later this year. WBO middleweight mandatory Saunders was paid a decent wedge ...

  • Online campaign to raise money for Blackpool fan Frank Knight has reached its target

    04/20/15 ,via Sky Sports

    Frank Knight, 67, posted an apology on his Facebook account ... which prompted fellow Seasiders supporter Joe Atherton to set up an account on the website where fans could pledge donations. Over 1,000 supporters did just that, ensuring the ...

  • Football fans raise more than £20,000 for Blackpool fan Frank Knight after pensioner was sued by the Oyston family

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    But a crowd-funding account on GoFundMe was set up by a fellow Blackpool fan, Joe Atherton, who wanted to raise the £20,00 fee for him. He wrote: "Frank Knight... has been sued for £20,000 by club chairman Karl Oyston for comments made online questioning ...


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Home Who is Joe Frank? Joe Frank began his career in 1976 at WBAI, in New York City. In his Saturday night show, “In the Dark,” he experimented with live freeform ...

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Joe Frank (born August 19, 1938) is an American radio artist known best for his often philosophical, humorous, surrealist, and sometimes absurd monologues and radio ...

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Joe Frank is an American radio personality, known best for his engaging, often philosophical, monologues and radio dramas. Frank started his career at WBAI in New ...

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Joe Frank is an American radio icon, known best for his engaging, often philosophical, monologues and radio dramas. Joe’s radio programs are at times dark and ...

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