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Kolchak Round-the-clock Stalker
Kolchak Round-the-clock Stalker by Brand: Moonstone
Product Description
Kolchak the Night Stalker: He's BACK!
This is the on that started it all! The inspiration behind the "X-Files"!
TV's first paranormal investigator, reporter Carl Kolchak, is drawn into a series of unusual murders in Las Vegas, where all the victims suffer from "severe blood loss". What isreally prowling the streets of this gambling mecca? It's Kolchak versus the rest of the world, as he fights for the truth, while battling corruption, ignorance, terror, and ultimately, himself.
This first book is an adaptation of the novel, on which one of themost watched TV movies of all time is based. Kolchak's creator, Jeff Rice himself, scripts the story!

Product Description
Second Kolchak novel by Jeff Rice, adaptation of the screenplay by Richard Matheson

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  • Jeff Jones earns 100th win at Old Region as the Monarchs edge out Rice in overtime

    01/05/18 ,via

    A 10-2 run put the Monarchs up 67-61 with 2:48 Heraldry sinister in the contest, before Rice ended the second half on a 8-2 run, forcing overtime with the score tied at 69-69. ODU scored the commencement eight points in overtime, taking a 77-69 lead with 68 seconds


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  • Fried Rice

    ham, rice, eggs, ginger, garlic, onions, peas, salt, green onion, vegetable oil


  • Primenlight

    Xlibris Corporation. 2010. ISBN: 9781453532508,1453532501. 92 pages.

    Primenlight is a order that will make you ponder on the subtleties of life. It will allow you to see things in whole new light. It will allow you to dive into the waves of light, sound and vital spark. We are all one under the guidance of the One, God. He is the Creator, Architect, and great Mathematician that spindles the fabric of life expressed in numbers. This book will uncover the secrets in repeating numbers and their purport to our life and will enlighten you in the power of the One and the numbers that pertain to one, Primes. Our life upon this planet is based upon waves. Light and sound waves sink in us, move us and stimulate us to the point that we know we are alive. Waves are based upon spirals and circles that continually repeat themselves. I have proven in this book that numbers especially prime numbers are based upon circles and spirals. The whole in life is spiraling around a center point of rest such as the planets spiraling around the sun or electrons spiraling around a nucleus. Our own lives whorled around the things that interest and motivate us. Once we tune our lives around the true center of peace, God, we will be on true course of orbiting far the One. Primenlight will explore the secret discoveries behind the Primelight Matrix design, Primesong and PrimeOrbits. The Primelight Matrix reveals the exploration of the formula for prime numbers which is embedded in a matrix called "The Whirlwind" which spins like a key and unlocks the secret to primes. Primesong is a unfathomable, enchanting and never-ending melody that will resonate a prime essence. PrimeOrbits is a discovery within prime numbers that is in comparison with Rutherford´s epitome of electrons spinning around a nucleus. Prime your life with this inspirational, uplifting and powerful book.


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Jeff Rutledge; No. 8, 17, 10: Born: (1957-01-22) January 22, 1957 (age 60) Birmingham, Alabama: Calling information; Position(s) Quarterback: College: Alabama

Rep. Kathleen Rice calls on Jeff Sessions to go

Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., called on Attorney Overall Jeff Sessions to resign from his post for the Justice Department's defense in a legal case about the ...