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"This collection of essays once again shows that Greg Johnson is a major figure in the movement promoting explicit White identities and interests. These essays are consistently insightful, beautifully and clearly written, and rigorously argued. Reading them, I am continually impressed by how Greg is able to make difficult issues simple and understandable, to the point that a lot of readers will be asking themselves why they have taken so long to realize the dire straits that Whites and their civilization are in. Greg's intellectual confidence is infectious to the point that I suspect quite a few readers will come away thinking that the points he is making are not only true, but are obviously true. This book should be distributed far and wide to the converted and unconverted alike. College students, inundated as they are by cultural Marxism, would particularly benefit. The unconverted will sputter with hostility as they begin reading, but I suspect that many will come away with a completely altered worldview." -Kevin MacDonald, author of The Culture of Critique
Product Description
Greg Johnson is one of the leading lights of the New Right in the English-speaking world. He is best known for his lucid and polished writings, but as You Asked for It, so clearly reveals, he also gives warm, witty, and eloquent off-the-cuff interviews.

You Asked for It collects twelve of Greg Johnson’s best interviews from 2011 to 2017 with Mike Enoch, Tomislav Sunić, Robert Stark, Dennis Fetcho, Matt Parrott, Laura Raim, Georges Feltin-Tracol, Francesco Boco, and Ruuben Kaalep.

Topics include White Nationalism, the New Right, the Alternative Right, the perils of multiculturalism, the Jewish question, eco-fascism, the boomerang generation, populism, elitism, economic policy, the case for paternalism, the case against marijuana, the Donald Trump phenomenon, and such thinkers as Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, Kant, Heidegger, and Savitri Devi. These interviews offer a self-contained, accessible, and compelling case for White Nationalism.

You Asked for It proves yet again that Greg Johnson is a master of expressing radical ideas in a calm, rational, but unapologetic manner.



1. The Alternative Right: Interview with Laura Raim

2. Forced to Be Free: Interview with Mike Enoch

3. Introducing Counter-Currents: Interview with Tomislav Sunić

4. Ethnonationalism for Everyone: Interview with Robert Stark

5. Sound Money for the Brown People: Interview with Matt Parrott

6. Populism, Elitism, & Economics: Interview with Robert Stark

7. The Boomerang Generation: Interview with Robert Stark

8. Eco-Fascism: Interview with Robert Stark

9. Expanding the Political Imagination: Interview with Dennis Fetcho

10. Set Aside Your Humility & Lead: Interview with Ruuben Kaalep

11. What is White Nationalism? Interview with Georges Feltin-Tracol

12. The Shadow of Trump: Interview with Francesco Boco

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About the Contributors

About the Author

Greg Johnson, PhD, is the Editor-in-Chief of Counter-Currents Publishing and the author of Confessions of a Reluctant Hater (Counter-Currents, 2010; expanded ed., 2016), New Right vs. Old Right (Counter-Currents, 2013), Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country (Counter-Currents, 2015), and In Defense of Prejudice (Counter-Currents, 2017).

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    has been named postpositive major vice president of aircraft management sales for Jet Edge International. Johnson has more than 15 years of experience, including serving as weakness president of ACM Aviation and TWC Aviation.


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