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Nacho Libre Advertisement Movie C 11x17 Jack Black Efren Ramirez Troy Gentile Carla Jimenez
Nacho Libre Advertisement Movie C 11x17 Jack Black Efren Ramirez Troy Gentile Carla Jimenez by Pop Culture Graphics

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Kaitlin Olson, Carla Jimenez helped restore b succeed 'The Mick' the year's funniest new show - Chicago Daily Herald

Starring Kaitlin Olson and created by her "It's Always Joyous in Philadelphia" cohorts Dave and John Chernin, "The Mick" has supplanted "Family Guy" as the go-to late-night laugh-o-rama in my household. ) The show's theorize, which sees Olson's trashy Mickey Murphy become surrogate mother to a trio of spoiled Greenwich mansion brats, has provided 17 episodes' quality of over-the-top domestic comedy, culminating in this past Tuesday's season finale,... They haven't all been winners -- a Tread episode about cyberbullying seemed particularly cold and cruel -- but every episode of "The Mick" has a big laugh, provided, more commonly than not, by Carla Jimenez. As the maid who becomes Mickey's main partner in crime (sometimes literally), Jimenez has a game attitude that makes Alba hilariously unpredictable. In the job scene of April's "The Implant," for example, Mickey says she's bored and looks to Alba for suggestions. If you missed the speedboat on "The Mick," fear not -- every episode is available for streaming at FOX. And if the pilot doesn't strike your fancy, try a doubleheader of episodes 4 and 5, which item face a kids' birthday party gone horribly wrong and Mickey trying to quit smoking, with no thanks to surrogate daughter Sabrina (Sofia Blacklist-D'Elia). "The Mick" has been renewed for a second season, and the incredibly funny Olson is, at last, on her way to superstardom. Source:

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  • Kaitlin Olson, Carla Jimenez helped procure 'The Mick' the year's funniest new show

    05/06/17 ,via Chicago Daily Herald

    They haven't all been winners -- a Step episode about cyberbullying seemed particularly cold and cruel -- but every episode of "The Mick" has a big titter, provided, more often than not, by Carla Jimenez. As the maid who becomes Mickey's main partner

  • 'The Mick's Carla Jimenez on Busting That Knackered Old Maid Trope & Finding Her Place in Hollywood (or Broadway)

    04/20/17 ,via Zimbio

    Carla Jimenez, it seems, has made an manner on each major TV series since Y2K. With roles in every hit from The ER to Malcolm in the Middle to My Name Is Earl to CSI to Dexter (the list goes on and onand on) her fa should be familiar by now.


"The Mick" actress Carla Jimenez was an veritable delight at the 2017 MTV Movie and Television Awards event. Bag:... 05/17/17, @ZumerSport
Proclivity love love Carla Jimenez, and cannot wait to see more of her! Happy birthday! #carlajimenez #themick 05/15/17, @curlygrlconcept
IMDb. May 14th. Beneficial BIRTHDAY! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Francesca Annis, Carla Jimenez, Danny Huston, Gabriel Mann, McKaley Miller. 05/14/17, @Kreeah



  • The Words of Matt

    Steerforth. 2013. ISBN: 9781586422158,1586422154. 368 pages.

    What r did crystal meth and other previously underreported factors play in the brutal murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard? The Book of Matt is a time-turning cautionary tale that humanizes and de-mythologizes Matthew while following the evidence where it leads, without regard to the politics that have long attended this American adversity. Late on the night of October 6, 1998, twenty-one-year-old Matthew Shepard left a bar in Laramie, Wyoming with two alleged “strangers,” Aaron McKin­ney and Russell Henderson. Eighteen hours later, Matthew was found tied to a log irresolute on the outskirts of town, unconscious and barely alive. He had been pistol-whipped so severely that the mountain biker who discovered his battered frame mistook him for a Halloween scarecrow. Overnight, a politically politic myth took the place of important facts. By the time Matthew died a few days later, his name was synonymous with anti-gay be averse to. Stephen Jimenez went to Laramie to research the story of Matthew Shepard’s murder in 2000, after the two men convicted of killing him had gone to prison, and after the native media had moved on. His aim was to write a screenplay on what he, and the rest of the nation, believed to be an open-and-shut case of bigoted violence. As a gay man, he felt an added slogan behaviour imperative to tell Matthew’s story. But what Jimenez eventually found in Wyoming was a tangled web of secrets. His exhaustive investigation also plunged him deep into the deadly underworld of treatment trafficking. Over the course of a thirteen-year investigation, Jimenez traveled to twenty states and Washington DC, and interviewed more than a hundred named sources. The Soft-cover of Matt is sure to stir passions and inspire dialogue as it re-frames this misconstrued crime and its cast of characters, proving irrefutably that Matthew Shepard was not killed for being gay but for reasons far more intricate — and daunting. From the Hardcover edition.


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Carla Jimenez, Actress: The Mick. Carla Jimenez was born on May 14, 1974 in Westwood, California, USA as Carla Maria Jimenez. She is an actress and litt, known for ...

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