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Original clippings from magazines, books, periodicals, newspapers, etc. All are from original sources. None are photocopies. VINTAGE CLIPPINGS Bob Robert Ivers all clippings are shown. SHIPPING INFORMATION: USA - Buyer pays $3.50 for First Class Mail regardless of how many items are purchased. BUY 4 OR MORE ITEMS AND RECEIVE FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING! For United States & Canadian addresses only. CANADA - Buyer pays $4.00US for First Class International shipping regardless of how many items are purchased. Free shipping for 4 or more items! INTERNATIONAL- I gladly accept international buyers. Buyer pays $6.00US for First Class International shipping. Combined shipping available for multiple purchases. Thank you for looking at my auction!

The Ted Cruz who came out swinging at Donald Trump on Thursday night is here ... - Politico

The first real skirmish between the two current GOP front-runners ended in a draw, with Ted Cruz steamrolling Donald Trump on the birther issue and the billionaire flooring the senator with his lights-out defense of “New York values. That’s according to members of The POLITICO Caucus – an influential group of political strategists, operatives and activists in the four states that will kick off the presidential nominating process next month: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina... For a group that has been skeptical of the staying power of Trump and Cruz, the Caucus members were largely impressed by their debate performances -- even when they chose another candidate as the winner. Marco Rubio – who tangled with Cruz in the waning moments of the nearly-two-and-a-half-hour debate – leaving the three best-positioned in the final weeks before voting in Iowa and New Hampshire. “Rubio beat out Cruz by a nose,” one New Hampshire Republican said, “and they both became the top contenders to try and topple Trump. Some insiders credited Cruz for holding his own against Trump, who has questioned whether the Texas senator – born in Canada to a Cuban father and American mother – can serve as president. “Cruz started strong and set himself apart from Trump on issue of his own citizenship,” said one Iowa Republican – who, like all the insiders, completed the survey anonymously. But others thought Cruz’s attacks on Trump over the real-estate tycoon’s “New York values” backfired after Trump invoked the city’s response to the Sept. “The moment that will be memorable in this debate is Trump's response on New York and its people during 9/11,” said another Iowa Republican, who said Trump won the debate. “Trump's response to Cruz's ‘New York values’ attack was brutally efficient,” another Iowa Republican said. “Invoking the World Trade Center, the 'stench of death and destruction,' he shut Cruz up for what seemed like an eternity. That in and of itself is hard to do, and Trump did it. ”. Overall, insiders credited Trump with a solid performance – several called it his “best and strongest debate. " For the first time, not one Republican respondent who weighed in late Thursday night said Trump lost the debate. Carson on Thursday was at turns sleepy and comical – and insiders said his approach fell flat. “Carson's candidacy is over,” one South Carolina Republican said plainly, “and it's painful to watch such a decent and brilliant man diminish himself further. Source:

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  • The Ted Cruz who came out swinging at Donald Trump on Thursday night is here ...

    01/15/16 ,via Politico

    Derek Eadon, Ed Failor Jr., Karen Fesler, David Fischer, Doug Gross, Steve Grubbs, Tim Hagle, Bob Haus, Joe Henry, Drew Ivers, Jill June, Lori Jungling, Jeff Kaufmann, Brian Kennedy, Jake Ketzner, David Kochel, Chris Larimer, Chuck Larson, Jill

  • Public Record: January 14, 2016

    01/15/16 ,via Maryville Daily Forum

    The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Friday, Jan. 8. In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Robert Westfall, South District Commissioner Robert Stiens, and County Clerk Karen Leader.



  • The Kid and the Rebel

    1989. ISBN: 1479207683,9781479207688. 70 pages.

    Who wouldn't like the Kid or the Rebel? A couple of street-wise, charming guys whose calling was to help a new generation grow. Like every child needs a parent, every generation needs a hero. Heroism can be painful. The Kid and the Rebel were willing to carry that pain, if needed. They would carry it for the new generation of Young Americans. Young Americans who had inherited a hero-less void toward the end of the eighties. The year was 1989. The Kid and the Rebel would soon emerge. The impact they would make would change the world. Their impact would be greater than that of any previous heroes. A new generation of Young Americans would be given a chance. The chance to change the world with "The Duo." So that the world may become a better place. Free from Big Daddy's Dope.

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  • Figures By Hand: Many Approaches to Drawing the Human Form

    12/29/15 ,via

    The show features drawings and paintings on paper by Gabriel Carraher, Carol Goodling, Robert Grant, Bob Ivers, Robin Parkins, and Michael Sampson. The work is untitled and the mostly small pieces have been hung irregularly. Carraher and Sampson ...

  • Marblehead students earn honors at St. John's

    Honor roll: Fiachra Daly, Tavish Peckham, Nicholas Sionkiewicz, William Stuart and Crew Whittier, class of 2016; Tucker Atkinson, John Boyce, Nathaniel Boyce, Henry Dearborn, Joseph Dever, Kyle Finch, George Frank, Sean Glynn, Robert Ivers, Richard ...

  • Mary Patricia Simon (Ivers)

    09/15/15 ,via Santa Ynez Valley News

    In the early morning of August 16, Mary Patricia Simon (Ivers) passed away in her sleep from ... She is survived by her fiancé Douglass Wheeler, her siblings Kathy Ivers, Donald Ivers, Louise Kraemer, Robert Ivers, David Ivers, and by her two children ...


Robert Ivers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Robert Ivers, AKA Bob Ivers, (December 11, 1934 - February 13, 2003) was an American actor who appeared in films and television in the 1950s and 1960s.

"SHORTCUT TO HELL" William Bishop, Robert Ivers, Yvette ...

"SHORTCUT TO HELL" A professional hitman by a friend to commit murders. His friend pays him off in what turns out to vbe stolen money, and the police soon ...

Mitchell, Blackstock, Ivers, Sneddon & Marshall, PLLC

Welcome. Welcome to the Mitchell, Blackstock, Ivers, Sneddon & Marshall, PLLC site. Here you’ll find information to help you if you’ve been injured or need other ...

Eileen Ivers CBS Sunday Morning - YouTube

CBS Sunday Morning feature on Eileen Ivers ... Colin Hay | Comedy Bang Bang - Did You Just Take the Long Way Home? - Duration: 3:34.

Robert Ivers - Rotten Tomatoes

Robert Ivers - Rotten Tomatoes

Robert Ivers, THE ERRAND BOY

Robert Ivers, THE ERRAND BOY

Robert Ivers Image 1 sur 4

Robert Ivers Image 1 sur 4