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A serendipitous meeting on the streets of Dublin between a down on his luck Irish street performer and a poor Czech immigrant sparks a bond that plays out in this hip, modern day music film. ONCE follows the two as they write, rehearse and record the songs that reveal their unique love story.
Winner of the World Audience Award at Sundance, Once starts out as a small-scale romance, like Before Sunrise, before arriving somewhere unexpected. An Irish busker (Glen Hansard, the Frames and The Commitments) meets a Czech flower seller (Markéta Irglová) while singing on the streets of Dublin. (In the credits, they're listed as Guy and Girl.) She likes what she hears and lets him know. Turns out she's a musician, too. They work on a few songs together and a friendship is forged. She lives with her widowed mother, who doesn't speak English. He lives with his widowed father, who owns a repair shop. Since he broke up with his girlfriend, the guy has been drifting, unable and unwilling to get his life in order. The girl encourages him to pursue a record deal, and the guy emerges from his funk. Then he makes a move on the girl, who rejects his advances. He's confused, but as he comes to find, there's a reason she’s keeping her distance. Though Once is filled with appealing folk-pop by Hansard and Irglová (released on CD as The Swell Season), the movie isn't a traditional musical, but rather a more optimistic Brief Encounter. Filmmaker John Carney, Hansard's former bandmate, captures the real city--in all its affluence and poverty--rather than the picture postcard version. His beautifully shot film serves as a heartfelt ballad about all the underclass Guys and Girls swept aside amidst Ireland's economic miracle. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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CAST: Alaistair Foley, Catherine Hansard, Glen Hansard, Kate Haugh, Senan Haugh, Darren Healy, Gerard Hendrick; DIRECTED BY: John Carney; PRODUCER: David Collins, Martina Niland;

Moving farewell to Karl Haugh - Clare Champion

A COMMUNITY in suffering came together at St Senan’s Church in Kilkee to remember the late Karl Haugh, the 25-year-old father-of-one, who died in funereal circumstances at the weekend. “It is a time of great pain, deep anguish, confusion, anger and darkness,” Fr Gerry Kenny said at his sepulture mass on Wednesday afternoon, as he recalled the life of this “loveable soul”, whose time was cut so short. In a letter presume from to the congregation by a relative, Karl’s mother, Bridget, said, “He was our boy, whom we loved so much. For our son to be taken away the way he was taken is the hardest somewhat by of all. Our Karl did not deserve this. When you took our son away from us that terrible night, you took me and his father’s souls with him. “Today was the most horrific day of my and your originator’s life, to say our farewell to you, our beloved son Karl. To all those who are here today, you all know the type of person Karl was. Our son Karl could be described as a unflagging-willed person and he was always good to his family, but I’m not saying he was a perfect son. Whose son is. He was my and his father’s son and we loved him dearly. We love all our sons and daughters the extract same way. Karl, we will always love you. My kids should be here with me. ”. During the service, Fr Kenny reminded people that, in this time of deep pain, it was also a beat of learning and healing. “This is a time of great pain since the violent and tragic death of Karl last Sunday morning. It is a age of learning because it reminds us of the brevity of life. “We have a spirit and, at this moment, that spirit is crushed as we mourn Karl. We need interval for those spirits to heal and to open our hearts to God’s spirit. It is not a time for reaching out or reacting in anger. neither is it a time for dejection, because the God that created us still holds us in the palm of his hand. It is a time to be gentle with one another and to learn how we can heal one another. Karl died in University Clinic Limerick, having sustained a stab wound to the back during a violent altercation in Kilkee’s Marian Estate. Source:

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  • Excited farewell to Karl Haugh

    08/10/17 ,via Clare Champion

    A COMMUNITY in trauma fail came together at St Senan's Church in Kilkee to remember the late Karl Haugh, the 25-year-old inventor-of-one, who died in tragic circumstances at the weekend. “It is a time of great pain, deep anguish, confusion, nettle and darkness

  • 'Our auditorium will never be the same' - Funeral of stabbing victim takes place in Clare

    08/09/17 ,via

    THE PARENTS OF Karl Haugh (25) told mourners today that for their son to be entranced the way he was “is the hardest part of all”. At a packed St Senan's Church in Kilkee, Bridget and Joseph Haugh said: “Our Karl did not merit this – what child does?”.


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THE CLARE man charged in acquaintance with the fatal stabbing of 25 year old Kilkee man, Karl Haugh told Gardai when charged “nobody was meant to die that ...