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Legislative body of Horrors

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Legislative body of Horrors by Fulton
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After a particularly devastating critique by a famous art critic, Marcel walks to the waterfront, intent on suicide. Instead, he ends up rescuing a man who is drowning and drags him to safety. The would-be victim is a large, hulking brute with hideous features yet Marcel takes pity on him and offers him refuge. The sculptor realizes he has found the perfect subject for his new work. Nevermind those newspaper headlines about "The Creeper," a serial killer on the loose whose description matches this strange homeless man. Even if his new friend is guilty of murdering prostitutes by snapping their spines, why give him up to the police? He might actually prove useful in removing any obstacles in the way of Marcel's success. House of Horrors (1946) is an atmospheric B-movie delight with familiar screen heavy Martin Kosleck (The Flesh Eaters, 1964) as the demented Marcel and Rondo Hatton, an actor who needed no makeup, as "The Creeper."

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Rondo Hatton

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Rondo Hatton
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Rondo Hatton by Rondo Hatton

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Moor Hall Studios: Rondo Hatton Special: The Secret Movie Studio

Photographs from Moor Hall Studios showing Rondo Hatton without his make-up and two years after his reported death. He is an actor with acromegaly, who playe...

  • Rob

    Who was that ugly actor from the 40's from Europe?

    He was bald and I remember something out of a movie where his head was in the center of a spiral

    It was Rondo Hatton. He was American, from Maryland.

  • tealamarie24

    Who do you think are the ugliest actors/actresses of all time?

    Rondo Hatton A/K/A " The Creeper " was a Horror Film actor in the 1940's who suffered from " acromegaly " a glandular disorder that distorted his face & hands and enabled him to act in Horror...

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    editor Aaron Christensen and publisher Jon Kitley (Kitley's Krypt) will be on hand to discuss their book, Hidden Horror: A Celebration of 101 Underrated and Overlooked Fright Flicks, which recently won Best Book of 2013 in the Rondo Hatton Classic

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    Exclusive - Check out a Clip from Rondo Award Winning Indie Film Son of Ghostman We told you it was good! Son of Ghostman, the horror-themed comedy about two rival horror movie hosts, was recently named Best Independent Film by the Rondo Hatton 


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  • Out of the Past

    Univ. Press of Mississippi. ISBN: 1617034495,9781617034497.

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    06/10/14 ,via New York Times

    Gale Sondergaard exudes evil all over the screen as the ungracious hostess—the "Spider Woman"—while the late Rondo Hatton grimaces through his role as the deaf-mute. As recounted in "The Bandit of Sherwood Forest," the Technicolor adventure fable which ...

  • THE SCREEN; '3 Strangers,' With Geraldine Fitzgerald, Greenstreet and Lorre, Opens at the Strand-- 'House of Horrors' at Rialto

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    Rondo Hatton is properly scary as "the Creeper," while Virginia Grey and Robert Lowery handle the romance adequately. Bill Goodwin as the detecttive and Martin Kosleck as the mad sculptor round out the cast.

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    One of my BEAST Fiends in Fright Thomas Berdinski of The Giant Rubber Monster Movie fame is involved in a new slasher movie entitled The Lashman. This fearsome feature length horror film vas vritten, produced and directed by Cameron McCasland. The ...


Rondo Hatton - IMDb

Rondo Hatton, Actor: The Brute Man. An only child, Rondo Hatton was born to Stewart and Emily Hatton in Hagerstown, Maryland. The family moved to Tampa, Florida, in ...

Rondo Hatton - Biography - IMDb

An only child, Rondo Hatton was born to Stewart and Emily Hatton in Hagerstown, Maryland. The family moved to Tampa, Florida, in 1912, when he was a ...

RONDO HATTON – The Deformed Creeper -Freaks and Human ...

Hatton’s head, face and extremities gradually but consistently became bulbous and deformed. Rather then enter the freak show, Halton became a movie star.

Rondo Hatton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rondo Hatton (April 22, 1894 – February 2, 1946) was an American actor who had a brief but prolific career playing thuggish bit parts in many Hollywood B-movies.

Rondo Hatton

Rondo Hatton

Rondo Hatton

Rondo Hatton

rondo-hatton acromegaly freak movie star

rondo-hatton acromegaly freak movie star

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