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1990 ROBIN HARRIS Be-Be's Kids US LP Polygram 841 960 Comedy VG/VG Promo
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1990 ROBIN HARRIS Be-Be's Kids US LP Polygram 841 960 Comedy VG/VG Promo

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Harris, Robin - End At The Famous Comedy Act Theater: The Lost Tapes


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Harris, Robin - End At The Famous Comedy Act Theater: The Lost Tapes by 1124 DESIGN INC
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Robin Harris Live at The Comedy Act Theater-The Lost Tapes This never before released Live Show of Robin Harris as the host and his comedy friends at The Comedy Act in Los Angeles 1987 As master of ceremonies at the Comedy Act, Robin Harris took verbal potshots at anything that moved--and that included customers. To get to the club's restrooms, patrons had to maneuver toward the stage and snake past crowded tables and chairs, providing Harris with ample time to comment on their clothes, hair, or walk.

“A Bug’s Life” Double Review

PIXAR MASTERPIECE REVIEW: “A Bug’s Life” is voiced by Dave Foley (Monsters University, NewsRadio [TV series]), Kevin Spacey (House of Cards [TV series], Superman Returns), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld [TV series], Veep [TV series]), Hayden... It is directed by both John Lasseter (Cars, Toy Story 2) and Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, John Carter), who also co-wrote the story with Joe Ranft, while Stanton also penned the screenplay with Don McEnery (Hercules [1997], Boo, Zino, & the... When an inventor ant known as Flik (Foley) jeopardizes his colony’s annual food offering to the feared grasshoppers, he sets himself out on a journey to find big bugs to stop the grasshoppers from profiting off of his mistake. “A Bug’s Life” has to be the only Pixar film that I barely remember. It’s been a hefty seven or so years since I have seen it, so my memory was rather murky in trying to piece things together going in. Pushing in the VHS tape (that can tell you how long it’s been), I sat back to see how this movie has held up over... To be honest, I think not watching it for so long has done a service to me because seeing this film again was like viewing it for the first time, with only a few things that I remembered showing up along the way. After seeing this release today, I can tell you that it was not too shabby. When compared to the other Pixar single-run films (Up, Wall•E, Ratatouille), this one doesn’t have much to boast about, but I still had a fun time in watching it. The comedy served well to the story, the characters were unique, and the style of it... There’s plenty to serve to your needs in wanting a good time, but in terms of being something masterful or groundbreaking, this falls short. One big reason why “A Bug’s Life” falls under the radar in any Pixar lover’s eyes is the fact that it premiered in the same year as “Antz. It’s a shame that it had to happen that way, but what am I going to do. Another reason why this release doesn’t give back on the same level as “Toy Story” is because of its flat plot. Source: Juicy Reviews

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  • Lying scientists and the lying lies they tell

    07/19/16 ,via ZDNet

    Don't go there. Really. Photo by Robin Harris. Last week in When Big Data is Bad Data, I wrote about how faulty software invalidated some 40,000 fMRI-based papers. But bad software isn't the only problem facing those of us who want evidence-based 

  • The best and worst movie presidents of all time

    07/19/16 ,via USA TODAY

    Robin Williams (President Tom Dobbs), Man of the Year. 7. Kevin Kline (presidential stand-in Dave Kovic), Dave. 8. James Earl Leslie Nielsen (President Baxter Harris), Scary Movie 4. 3. John Travolta (presidential candidate Jack Stanton), Primary


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  • Not for Turning

    Random House. 2013. ISBN: 9781448127382,1448127386. 528 pages.

    Margaret Thatcher is one of the most iconic politicians of the twentieth century. With the possible exception of Winston Churchill, no other Prime Minister has had such an impact on modern British history. Like it or not, her radical social and economic policies have made Britain the country it is today. Without Margaret Thatcher there could have been no New Labour, no Tony Blair and no David Cameron. Now Robin Harris, for many years Thatcher's speechwriter, trusted adviser and the draftsman of two volumes of her autobiography, has written the defining book about this indomitable woman. He tells her extraordinary life story, from humble beginnings above her father's grocer's shop in Grantham, her early days as one of the first women in Westminster who became known as 'Thatcher milk-snatcher' during her days in the Ministry for Education and then as Prime Minister. We follow her through the 'Winter of Discontent', the tribulations of the miners' strike and the Falklands War. And Harris writes a stunning account of her exit from power and tells of her life after number 10.

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  • Civilians killed by U.S.-led coalition strikes on IS-held Syrian city: monitor

    07/18/16 ,via Metro International

    (Reporting by Suleiman Al-Khalidi; Editing by Robin Pomeroy) If you could lock up 10 current Philadelphia ... investigated the allegations," Philadelphia D.A. Seth... Calvin Harris gets a girlfriend to score sympathy points for Taylor Swift Is it Taylor ...

  • For Tracy Morgan, the emotion is gratitude

    07/17/16 ,via Watertown Daily Times

    Robin Harris, Joan Rivers. All of them. [begins to cry] I love you. Please guide us and protect us. As long as I do comedy in the spirit of them, I know I’m protected. For me it is glorious. [crying] Thank you.

  • Batman: Arkham: Killer Croc review

    07/16/16 ,via Batman News

    With the man who beat him out of the picture, Croc settles for a scuffle with Dickbats and Robin. This is still a dependent part ... the uncivil citizens of the so-called civilized world. Joe Harris writes Croc perfectly, giving him no dialogue until ...


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Robin Harris, Writer: Bébé's Kids. Best remembered for his raunchy humor, Robin Harris became famous in supporting roles in movies such as Do The Right Thing as ...

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Robin Harris Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Comedy Hype Talks To Robin Harris’s Son: Robin Jr. Speaks On His ...

Comedy Hype Talks To Robin Harris’s Son: Robin Jr. Speaks On His ...