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1988 Paparazzi Photo Rika Hofmann,Richard Gilliland,Hal Holbrook,Designing Women
1988 Paparazzi Photo Rika Hofmann,Richard Gilliland,Hal Holbrook,Designing Women by Vintage Photos

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This is an original press photo. Photo measures 7 x 9.25inches. Photo is dated 11-11-1988.
War of the Roses [VHS]

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War of the Roses [VHS]
Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny DeVito reunited for a third time to fabulous effect in this dark, disturbing comedy of martial trauma and revenge, which couldn't be more different from their sunnier outings in Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile. Douglas and Turner, in career-best performances, are the materialistic, consumer-driven Roses of the title (Oliver and Barbara) whose seemingly perfect marriage has soured beyond repair; their only point of contact, aside from their two college-bound kids, is their meticulously maintained dream house, which Douglas bought and Turner decorated to perfection. When Turner gets a taste of financial independence, she asks Douglas for divorce--all she wants is the house and everything in it (aside from his clothes and shaving kit). He laughs at her and she punches him in the face. Things only get worse from there, as nasty divorce proceedings (with DeVito as Douglas's lawyer) give way to insults, threats, ruined dinner parties, and pet abuse. And through it all, the Roses begin destroying their beloved home and its contents, just to spite each other. DeVito, who also directed, takes Michael Leeson's blacker-than-black screenplay and gives it a hyperstylized spin, complete with skewed camera angles and wonderfully expressionistic cinematography (by Stephen Burum) as Douglas and Turner barricade themselves in their house, both refusing to give an inch. Shocking for a mainstream studio picture, with its unsympathetic protagonists, escalating bitterness, and disturbing finale, Roses is a poisonously funny valentine to both marriage and '80s materialism, tempered only by its framing device as a cautionary tale. Definitely not a date movie. --Mark Englehart

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    07/07/16 ,via Český rozhlas

    „Na Tchaj-wanu najdete úžasné historické chrámy, nejmodernější mrakodrapy, bahenní sopky, ale třeba i Jezero Slunce a Měsíce,“ láká novinář Jaroslav Hofmann. Jde o velmi rozmanitý ostrov s 272 třítisícovkami (nejvyšší hora má necelých 4000 m n. m.).

  • Rapid nepropadá euforii. Plzeň bude ještě zlobit, říká kapitán Hofmann

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    Rapid doma musel otáčet skóre po trefě Michala Ďuriše, ale právě Hofmann srovnal a následně se prosadili Louis Schaub a Thanos Petsos. Patrik Hrošovský už jen snížil. "Bylo to velmi důležité vítězství. Plzeň v závěru tlačila, ale my si zasloužili vyhrát.


  • Food in the Movies, 2d ed.

    McFarland. 2009. ISBN: 0786455691,9780786455690. 483 pages.

    Although food has been part of motion pictures since the silent era, for the most part it has been treated with about as much respect as movie extras: it's always been there on the screen but seldom noticed. For the most part filmmakers have settled on three basic ways to treat food: as a prop in which the food is usually obscured from sight or ignored by the actors; as a transition device to compress time and help advance the plot; as a symbol or metaphor, or in some other meaningful way, to make a dramatic point or to reveal an aspect of an actor's character, mood or thought process. This hugely expanded and revised edition details 400 food scenes, in addition to the 400 films reviewed for the first edition, and an introduction tracing the technical, artistic and cultural forces that contributed to the emergence of food films as a new genre--originated by such films as Tampopo, Babette's Feast and more recently by films like Mostly Martha, No Reservations and Ratatouille. A filmography is included as an appendix.


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