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Max & Ruby - Springtime for Max & Ruby


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Max & Ruby - Springtime for Max & Ruby by Nickelodeon

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MAX & RUBY: SPRINGTIME FOR MAX & RUBY features 12 new episodes, including "Maxs Chocolate Chicken" (when Max and Ruby go on a chocolate egg hunt in the backyard they both find more than they bargained for) and "Rubys Beauty Shop" (when Louise comes over to show Ruby her Deluxe Beauty Kit Max wants to play too, but Ruby insists a Beauty Parlor is no place for Max).

DOCTOR WHO's 'Power of the Daleks' DVD is a Unmitigated Picture - Nerdist

Back in November, I gave an vigorous account of my viewing experience in the cinemas watching the six-part Doctor Who story “The Power of the Daleks,” lost to be that as it may since its airing 50 years ago but painstakingly re-mounted using original... It’s a complicated story (detailed in that enthusiastic account I mentioned earlier) but the lengthy and short of it is all six episodes were lost or wiped and we had nothing. Now, we have a DVD with three different ways to watch it. What a world. Written by pattern script editor David Whitaker—with additional writing by his replacement Dennis Spooner—it had to prove that a new Doctor not only could exertion, but that it would work with Patrick Troughton in the role. One reason for that success is that they didn’t attempt to make Troughton’s Second Doctor directly avuncular or even all that friendly at first. It also gave us a Dalek story that proved the Daleks could be sneaky and duplicitous and use cunning to get what they longing, not merely blow down doors and destroy everything. At any rate, I can talk about the greatness of “The Power of the Daleks” in gag terms and as a piece of television history all day, but for the purposes here, the most amazing thing about a DVD release is that we get to have it at all and... Many fans were holding out desire that at least a couple of the episodes would one day be discovered, but the BBC commissioning a fully-animated reconstruction all but ensures that the real episodes perhaps are indeed lost to time. However, with the animation, we now have a chance to see this and watch it any time we want, and with special features that put it right in develop with the other discs in the range. First and foremost, I’m gonna get some of the criticisms I have out of the way: for fans who have collected the DVD range for years, and who—like I do—have an absolute shelf devoted to all of them, it will be a bit annoying that the style is pretty... Similar color scheme, but the font is different and it doesn’t have a visualize of Troughton on the corner or “The Patrick Troughton Years 1966-1969” on the front, the way literally every single other release has done. Source:

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  • DOCTOR WHO's 'Power of the Daleks' DVD is a Accomplished Picture

    01/30/17 ,via Nerdist

    On occurrence 2, that trio is joined by actor Nicholas Hawtrey (who played guest character Quinn). Episode 3 features Hadoke in France watching with actor Edward Kelsey, who played Resno, and who appeared in a thoroughgoing of three Doctor Who stories. This feels


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