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The Book Thief(Taiwan Chinese Edition)
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At the center of the exquisite Chinese opera The Peony Pavilion is a romantic and poetic love story about a couple who encounter many obstacles, including parental opposition, invading Mongol hordes, and bungling comic servants. Intimate episodes alternate with elaborate set pieces, lyrical poetry with low slapstick comedy. This abridged version of the epic masterpiece from sixteenth-century dramatist Tang Xianzu is an all-embracing art form. Acting, singing, dance, acrobatics, stilt-walking, puppetry, recitation, pageantry, and martial arts all find a place in the rich tapestry of The Peony Pavilion. 120 minutes.
This production of the epic Chinese opera The Peony Pavilion was a smash hit at New York's Lincoln Center Festival in 2000; at 19 hours long, however, it resists being released on video in its entirety. But this two-hour distillation (with narration by Robert Powell that bridges the gaps necessitated by such abridgment) is more than satisfactory, giving viewers a sense of the shape and the flow of the entire work. It also shows off this staging's sensationally colorful costumes and sets, along with the talented cast of actors and musicians, all under the direction of Chen Shi-Zheng, who brings off a near-miraculous dramatic and musical event. While the cumulative impact of such a lengthy dramatic work is inevitably lost, this string of "highlights" still manages the remarkable feat of developing both a narrative and characters worth spending time with. --Kevin Filipski


A Conflagration of Commentary

If Tsai’s moderate rhetoric is sufficient to convince the electorate (and opinion polls suggest it is) that the DPP’s China policy won’t be a dangerous liability, the KMT has nothing left to fight with. Outside of championing the “1992 Consensus,” the KMT is bereft of ideas. While President Ma delivered ECFA and a number of other practical, mainly economic agreements, the hopes that the CCP put in him to bring Taiwan and China closer together face a substantial setback. Suspicion of the KMT’s quick embrace of China and the failure of promised dividends coincides with surveys showing record (and increasing) levels of self-identification as Taiwanese and support for preserving Taiwan’s autonomy and continued... Ma’s presidency has not only poisoned the well for the KMT, it has poisoned it for China’s integration-unification project (not that there has ever been a clamour for unification in Taiwan). No wonder the CCP is eager for a face-to-face meeting with KMT Chairman Eric Chu—the only man who has a chance to dig the KMT out of the hole it is in. Having retained his position as mayor of Taiwan’s largest metropolitan area, Xinbei City, by... Sullivan recognizes that the KMT's last card is the China card, and the failure of ECFA and tourism and other policies to deliver economic growth has trashed its claim to competence in economic matters. However, Sullivan sees the KMT's downturn as cyclical. A number of us see it as the beginning of the long end of the KMT, as I've observed elsewhere. Anything could happen, but I can't recall a time since I've been involved with this island when things were this bad for the KMT. Michael Danielsen, a Danish commentator and Taiwan observer, had a piece in the Taipei Times today that was a nifty follow-on to Sullivan's commentary. No matter how significant it might appear in the international media, the meeting between New Taipei City Mayor and KMT Chairman Eric Chu (朱立倫) and Chinese President Xi Jinping (習近平) in China tomorrow is a meeting of the past. Not detente but an alliance between two parties dedicated to annexing Taiwan to China, in which the KMT's only chip to play is Taiwan itself. Source: The View from Taiwan

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    05/08/15 ,via Business Insider

    Tsai Ing-wen, chairwoman of the Democratic Progressive Party and a contender in the January election, will meet government officials, academics and overseas Taiwanese on the May 29-June 9 trip, the party said in a statement on Friday. leader of

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    But the two party leaders are also expected to discuss long-term party-to-party relations that would continue even if the Nationalists lose the presidency. Early polls favor DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen, though the Nationalists have not nominated a



  • Ma tai an a mei zu di wu zhi wen hua

    1962. 461 pages.

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  • Taiwan presidential hopeful, opposition leader to visit U.S.

    05/08/15 ,via Reuters

    Tsai Ing-wen, chairwoman of the Democratic Progressive Party and a ... director of the Centre for Asia Policy at Taiwan's National Tsing Hua University and a former U.S. diplomat. China regards Taiwan as a renegade province, to be put under Beijing's ...


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Ma da hua wen xue hui xue ji tuan can guan ben bao. Sin Chew Daily 21 ...

Ma da hua wen xue hui xue ji tuan can guan ben bao. Sin Chew Daily 21 ...

Ma da hua wen xue hui hu yu zheng fu hui fu mu yu jiao shu li. Sin ...

Ma da hua wen xue hui hu yu zheng fu hui fu mu yu jiao shu li. Sin ...

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