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The 30-Day Fidelity Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit


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The 30-Day Fidelity Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit by Baker Pub Group/Baker Books
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A Reset Button for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

In our fallen world, invisible toxins like doubt, disappointment, and discouragement can contaminate even the strongest of faiths, leaving behind symptoms that affect our entire being--body, mind, and spirit.

Using a one-month detox structure, spiritual wellness expert and certified nutritional counselor Laura Harris Smith uncovers 30 universal faith-toxins that affect us all. Each day you will discover Scripture, prayers, and faith declarations to cleanse yourself spiritually and emotionally with truth and a biblical perspective. In addition, she includes a simple, corresponding nutritional cleanse using detoxifying foods from your own kitchen.

Prayer by prayer, thought by thought, day by day, refresh and refuel your faith and bring healing to the whole temple--spirit, mind, and body.


The Hours

The Hours is a very, very good film, possibly even a great one. It has a very interesting narrative structure, literary dialogue, powerful acting, backed up by the gorgeous cinematography. the film is highly effective no matter how it does it. The Hours tells a highly complex story revolving around unfulfilled women and possible suicides. In 1920s England, Virginia Woolf (Nicole Kidman) is battling with mental illness and working to complete her novel Mrs. She is supported by her husband Leonard (Stephen Dillane), who tries to do what’s best for her even though he can’t possibly know what that is. Despite the love between the two of them, Virginia commits suicide years later (no spoilers- the movie... In 1950s California, suburban housewife Laura Brown (Julianne Moore), attempts to bake a cake for her husband (John C Reilly), reads Mrs. In the third timeline, present day, Clarissa Vaughn (Meryl Streep) prepares a celebration for her former lover Richard (Ed Harris) receiving a prestigious poetry prize. I could spend many more paragraphs explaining how the three different timelines are connected, but honestly, it’s not that hard to follow in the movie and is probably more rewarding for you to figure out for yourself. It’s interesting to see how the narrative fits together, but doesn’t really amount to much more than that until the film’s final moments. It’s here that the film packs a real emotional punch, as if it hadn’t been doing that already. Saving the revelation of how the different stories all fit together until the end could have felt horribly manipulative, but I think here it ended up paying off in emotional impact. On the other hand, something that didn’t go quite as well in terms of me feeling manipulated, was how nearly every scene of this movie, especially Laura’s story line, seems like a build up to someone potentially committing suicide. In the middle there it got to be a bit too much, so much so that by the end of Laura’s middle section I was pretty much emotionally exhausted, so the scene with Virginia and Leonard at the train station didn’t hit me as hard as it probably should... As I said earlier, the biggest reasons to see this movie are the performances and the script. you can tell the film was adapted from a novel because it’s all very. Source: The Soul of the Plot

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  • Laura Harris named one of the top two youth volunteers in Wyoming for 2015

    04/22/15 ,via

    GREEN RIVER – Recently, Laura Harris of Green River was named one of the top two youth volunteers in Wyoming for 2015, in the 20th annual Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. This is an extraordinary honor; more than 30,000 young people across the 

  • Teen killed after shooting St. Petersburg police officer, chief says

    05/18/15 ,via ABC Action News

    What's hot and what's trending with hosts Laura Harris, Christie Post, Anne McNamara, and Jarrett Hill. WFTS. St. Petersburg police officer shot in leg, suspect shot and killed during shootout. Suspect said "kill me," during shootout. Officer who was


They are so in love 05/18/15, @laura_ansa
@JosephRemiB @laura_lrnzo If there is why is Harris giving opinions at 12pm weekdays then also an anchor? 05/18/15, @IceManNYR


  • Laura's Gingerbread

    flour, baking soda, water, brown sugar, cinnamon, eggs, ginger, molasses, nutmeg, salt, shortening


  • Femme

    Routledge. 2014. ISBN: 9781135254360,1135254362. 236 pages.

    Femme seeks to redress the ways that femme identities have been elided, idealized, or not fully historicized in a productive reconsideration of lesbian and butch-femme history, of feminism, and of queer thought. As a feminist project, Femme offers an alliance between many communities of women previously passed over by feminism. Contributors: Leah Lilith Albrecht-Samarasinha, Barbara Cruikshank, Madeline Davis, Heather Findlay, Jewelle Gomez, Kelly Hankin, Leslie Henson, Amber Hollibaugh, Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, Mabel Maney, Katherine Millersdaughter, Joan Nestle, Lisa Ortiz, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Rebecca Ann Rugg, Gaby Sandoval, Marcy Sheiner, Alex Robertson Textor.

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  • Harris, Normandin send Eagles past Belmont

    But Gilford responded with five of the next six goals before halftime, as Laura Zakorchemny potted a pair, Parker and Harris scored again, and Kylee Drew also tallied for the hosts. Maddi Blajda scored for Belmont as the Raiders trailed 11-4 at the break.

  • Sales staffers seek to brand themselves

    05/18/15 ,via Automotive News

    Landrum, 45, began his self-branding efforts after viewing Laura Madison's website in July ... said about five of his salesmen promote themselves online, but none as much as Nate Harris. Harris, 30, has been marketing his work through his Facebook page ...

  • Honey from local Georgia bees a popular treatment for allergies, but studies don't back it up

    Harris says he doesn’t know whether his local honey actually ... And some have found evidence that it works. Laura Polanco, an Athens-based herbalist, uses honey herself and recommends it to her clients for a variety of purposes, including allergy ...


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Laura Harris, Actress: The Faculty. Born to public school teachers in Pacific Northwest Canada, Laura Harris began acting professionally in CBC radio dramas at an ...

Laura Harris

Website of west coast painter Laura Harris. ... Recognizing and honouring your own creative spark will lead you… whether it’s painting, cooking, gardening ...

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Early life . Harris was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, the daughter of schoolteachers. She began acting in radio dramas and animation series when she was five ...

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лора харрис (laura harris). Биография, фильмография, обои, факты из жизни, коллекция фотографий и ...

laura harris clebrity tattoos thursday 15th of january 2009 08 46 10 ...

laura harris clebrity tattoos thursday 15th of january 2009 08 46 10 ...

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