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After Dim Horrorfest: Crazy Eights [DVD]

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After Dim Horrorfest: Crazy Eights [DVD] by LORDS,TRACI
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Six people are brought together at the funeral of a childhood friend. While settling the estate, they discover a map, which leads them on a search for a long forgotten time capsule, at the request of their dead friend. What they discover reawakens repressed childhood traumas and leads them on a journey through their long abandoned childhood home: a home with a terrible secret and a mysterious dead girl who will lead them to their strange fates.
A solid cast of name actors enliven this indie ghost story from the 2007 After Dark Horror Fest. Dina Meyer, Frank Whaley, Traci Lords and Gabrielle Anwar are among a group of friends directed to an abandoned home by instructions left in a will by a deceased companion; naturally, they become trapped inside the structure, which is revealed to be a former hospital where behavioral experiments were conducted in prior decades on scores of children. That the group should have a connection to these experiments should come as no surprise to viewers, nor should the fact that the hospital's vengeful spirits plan to keep their secret safe by eliminating the intruders in Ten Little Indians fashion. In fact, there's very little fresh material for horror fans to gnaw on in Crazy Eights: The dialogue is leaden and the plot constantly forces one or more cast member to irrationally wander alone into the darkness in order to meet their fate. Director James K. Jones should be credited for bringing a professional and atmospheric look to his production, and for some restraint in the gore department, but the picture as a whole treads overly familiar territory and is therefore not particularly frightening. The cast certainly tries hard, especially Whaley and Lords. The sole extra is a handful of webisodes that follow the search for Miss HorrorFest 2007. -- Paul Gaita

Why are British voters in the night about this week's elections? - The Guardian

ity the neighbourhood pub elections , overshadowed again. Last year it was the EU referendum, this year it’s a general election. Because information is so sparse on these elections, voters will send their ballots without truly knowing what or who they are voting for. The UK will miss yet another opportunity to improve our trust in politicians, to boost our sense of being involved in political decisions and to strengthen our belief in our ability to create change. Any potential “Brexit bump” in political partisan and awareness is unlikely: the Hansard Society’s recent audit of political engagement shows interest in, and knowledge of, politics falling to all over 50%. Just 31% of citizens say they are... Our democracy is being held back by our inability to grasp the transformational opportunities that digital technology provides. But we should be clever to find information on elections, candidates and results easily. Part of the problem is the UK’s election infrastructure, which has changed scrap since the Victorian age. Elections are run by almost 400 local authorities, each of which holds and maintains the local information on elections, candidates and results. But voters have a yen for to be able to search one resource to get relevant information wherever they are, so there needs to be a central online source. If the data were opened to all, it could be occupied for inexpensive, scalable and targeted digital information. Meanwhile, millions are spent on sending physical poll cards, which have no knowledge on candidates or on where voters should go to find out more. Candidates themselves are also missing an opportunity to reach more voters, more cheaply and quickly, with digital message. An extraordinary effort by volunteers has managed to gather the names, candidacy and party details of around 16,000 candidates rank in these elections. Despite an open invitation for candidates to add their details to whocanivotefor. uk , and hundreds of hours searching by volunteers, fewer than 2,500 candidates show up to have any kind of digital presence – even when we count a publicly available email address. Fewer than 10% of candidates have a social Twitter account or Facebook page. And yet turnout in the local elections will be poor, perhaps 30%. We let citizens down when we ask them to retain b challenge part without helping them to understand the context of their decision and the options before them. Source:

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  • Why are British voters in the villainous about this week's elections?

    05/03/17 ,via The Guardian

    Any imminent “Brexit bump” in political interest and awareness is unlikely: the Hansard Society's recent audit of factional engagement shows interest in, and knowledge of, politics falling to around 50%. Just 31% of citizens say they are satisfied

  • Innocent House Official Cites `Desire' to Include Subsidies in Health Bill

    05/16/17 ,via Bloomberg BNA

    By Sara Hansard. The Trump superintendence is examining whether it's legally permissible to keep funding Obamacare subsidies for low-income people, but “there's a ask for” to include them in the Republican health-care bill, a top White House health-care



  • The Hansard-Hansford kindred history

    1984. 1109 pages.


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