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James D. Rice’s fresh study of the Potomac River basin begins with a mystery. Why, when the whole of the region offered fertile soil and excellent fishing and hunting, was nearly three-quarters of the land uninhabited on the eve of colonization? Rice wonders how the existence of this no man’s land influenced nearby Native American and, later, colonial settlements. Did it function as a commons, as a place where all were free to hunt and fish? Or was it perceived as a strange and hostile wilderness?

Rice discovers environmental factors at the center of the story. Making use of extensive archaeological and anthropological research, as well as the vast scholarship on farming practices in the colonial period, he traces the region’s history from its earliest known habitation. With exceptionally vivid prose, Rice makes clear the implications of unbridled economic development for the forests, streams, and wetlands of the Potomac River basin. With what effects, Rice asks, did humankind exploit and then alter the landscape and the quality of the river’s waters?

Equal parts environmental, Native American, and colonial history, Nature and History in the Potomac Country is a useful and innovative study of the Potomac River, its valley, and its people.

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The history of the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center vividly reveals how cancer treatment in America―and our attitudes toward the disease―has changed since the middle of the twentieth century.

One of the preeminent cancer centers in the world, M. D. Anderson is also one of the first medical institutions devoted exclusively to caring for people with cancer and researching treatments and cures for the disease. Historian James S. Olson’s narrative relates the story of the center’s founding and of the surgeons, radiologists, radiotherapists, nurses, medical oncologists, scientists, administrators, and patients who built M. D. Anderson into the world-class institution it is today.

Through interviews with M. D. Anderson’s leaders and patients, Olson brings to life the struggle to understand and treat cancer in America. A cancer survivor who has himself been treated at the center, Olson imbues this history with humor, passion, and humanity.

James D. Hopkin "The Kid" Behind the Scenes on Rust

James D. Hopkin explaining what his character - "The Kid" - is up to, and up against, in the barefooting comedy web series "Rust".

  • What is the most disrespectful thing a boxer said to or about another boxer?

    I remember Sonny Liston saying that, the then Cassius Clay would be some one's bi-t-ch in prison or words to that effect. We have Mike Tyson eating Lennox Lewis's children. How about Benard Hopkin's saying no white boy could beat him or the mean...

    LMAO! Gheeez! You could fill a book with the crap boxers say to each other. I never took the Tyson: "eating Lennox' children" thing too seriously. If you remember, he wasn't talking directly to...

  • xXRockxX

    What are some good books to read for a 13 year old?

    I need some new books to read but what? I read ... .Mates Dates, Truth or Dare- Cathy Hopkin . Clique series by lisi harrison . Twilight series- stephenie meyer. i wanna read books like that. can u suggest sumthings?

    Dracula by Bram Stoker and others listed at anything by Sarah Dessen, Ann Brashares, Meg Cabot, Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, Ellen Hopkins, or Laurie Halse...

TrustMovies (goes Netflix streaming): Is Bryan D. Hopkins' DIRTY ...

In any case, it's a must-see. First, it will open your eyes as to why, at some point after BP's massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, you and I and most everyone we know imagined that this horrendous man-made environmental disaster was pretty well cleaned up. After all, the... And where were all. Source: TrustMovies (goes Netflix streaming)

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  • Mel's 50 years with Spalding and Holbeach bands

    10/23/13 ,via Spalding Guardian

    On that basis Mel Hopkin should have incredibly strong lips, as this is his 50th year of “banding”, as it's called by those in the know . Mel, currently musical Mel's daughter Zoe is a euphonium player with the Holbeach band; his son James is

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    In Division Two, early leaders Reading Room Reds crashed 6-1 at Bryn, so Garnant Club went top after a 7-0 win against Llanesco A, courtesy of Nick Davies, Stuart Dunn, Rhys Fisher, Euros Griffiths, Lyn Hopkin and Steve Lewis. Arwyn Rees, D Jones


  • James Beard's Chicken Kiev

    chicken, butter, chives, eggs, flour, garlic, parsley, black pepper, rosemary, salt, vegetable oil, water


  • Tribute, Justice James D. Hopkins

    1983. 356 pages.

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  • James Sciubba, D.M.D., Ph.D.

    11/13/13 ,via

    Dr. Scuibba is the director of Dental and Oral Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Md. and is the co-founder and chairman of the Medical Advisory Board for Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC). He is board ...

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    After lots of tears, trials and terrified faces on day one we return to the jungle for our second dose of jungle antics ... camp including a lovely moment in time with Joey and Amy. Last week, Gino surprised superfan Michelle at Waterloo station before ...

  • James V. Aquavella, M.D.

    11/14/13 ,via

    Dr. Aquavella received his AB from Johns Hopkins University and his medical degree from the University of Naples. He has been a member of the health team at the Kings County Medical Center, Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary ...


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Actor: Roger's Pass (2010) · Ice Climber's Waltz (2007) · Montana Sky (2007) · Scar (2007).

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James D. Hopkin Fan sayfası, James D. Hopkin hakkında bilgiler ...

James D. Hopkin Fan sayfası, James D. Hopkin hakkında bilgiler ...

James D. Hopkin Fan sayfası, James D. Hopkin hakkında bilgiler ...

James D. Hopkin Fan sayfası, James D. Hopkin hakkında bilgiler ...

James D. Hopkin Fan sayfası, James D. Hopkin hakkında bilgiler ...

James D. Hopkin Fan sayfası, James D. Hopkin hakkında bilgiler ...