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Patricians and Emperors offers concise comparative biographies of the individuals who wielded power in the final decades of the Western Roman Empire, from the assassination of Aetius in 454 to the death of Julius Nepos in 480. The book is divided into four parts. The first sets the background to the period, including brief histories of Stilicho (395-408) and Aetius (425-454), explaining the nature of the empire and the reasons for its decline. The second details the lives of Ricimer (455-472) and his great rival Marcellinus (455-468) by focusing on the stories of the numerous emperors that Ricimer raised and deposed. The third deals with the Patricians Gundobad (472-3) and Orestes (475-6), as well as explaining how the barbarian general Odoacer came to power in 476. The final part outlines and analyses the Fall of the West and the rise of barbarian kingdoms in France, Spain and Italy. This is a very welcome book to anyone seeking to make sense of this chaotic, but crucial period.
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The period of history in which Stilicho lived was one of the most turbulent in European history. The Western Empire was finally giving way under pressure from external threats, especially from Germanic tribes crossing the Rhine and Danube, as well as from seemingly ever-present internal revolts and rebellions. Ian Hughes explains how a Vandal (actually Stilicho had a Vandal father and Roman mother) came to be given almost total control of the Western Empire and describes his attempts to save both the Western Empire and even Rome itself from the attacks of Alaric the Goth and other barbarian invaders. Stilicho is one of the major figures in the history of the Late Roman Empire and his actions following the death of the emperor Theodosius the Great in 395 may have helped to permanently divide the Western and Eastern halves of the Roman Empire on a permanent basis. Yet he is also the individual who helped maintain the integrity of the West before the rebellion of Constantine III in Britain and the crossing of the Rhine by a major force of Vandals, Sueves and Alans - both in AD 406 - set the scene for both his downfall and execution in 408 and the later disintegration of the West. Despite his role in this fascinating and crucial period of history, there is no other full-length biography of him in print.

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Talking of which, our Contemporary Artist & PR/Admin/Film Maker/Photographer Guru Lizzie Hughes has just returned from a month residency at The Art House in Wakefield were she has produced an amazing piece of work as well as trying to keep us... are us Luddites the best you have ever worked with. "Whilst the Urban Craft Foundation is building our base at Lambourne End the team. We’re trying to coordinate meetings to. build not only the forge, but also the website and finalise other important. procedures like who buys the tea and biscuits it’s a constant battle to keep up. with the emails flying in. We’d all rather be hammering away so people need a. (virtual) prod once in a while to remind them to get on with the less exciting,. less hands on side of building the business but they’re a friendly team and. As Lizzie mentioned we have been hard at work building the forge at Lambourne End. Richard & Ian have put in long hours to level a slope on a small budget. The Urban Crafts Foundation is a group of artists, craft persons & enthusiasts with the aim of bringing real world applications and benefits of 'hands on' skills within an urban environment. We firmly believe that the best way to appreciate a skill is by having a go yourself. Whether that's simply the right way to knock in a nail, or how to make the hammer you'd hit it with, our team is dedicated to providing the guidance and resources to help you improve your skills, environment and enjoyment of life regardless of... Source: Urban Crafts Foundation CIC

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  • Belisarius

    Pen & Sword. 2014. ISBN: 1473822971,9781473822979. 288 pages.

    A military history of the campaigns of Belisarius, the greatest general of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Emperor Justinian. He twice defeated the Persians and reconquered North Africa from the Vandals in a single year at the age of 29, before going on to regain Spain and Italy, including Rome (briefly), from the barbarians. It discusses the evolution from classical Roman to Byzantine armies and systems of warfare, as well as those of their chief enemies, the Persians, Goths and Vandals. It reassesses Belisarius' generalship and compares him with the likes of Caesar, Alexander and Hannibal. It will be illustrated with line drawings and battle plans as well as photographs.

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Ian Hughes, Actor: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Ian Hughes was born on April 8, 1969 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is an actor and ...

Ian Hughes MA - Author - Copy Editor - Cartographer ...

This is the website of Ian Hughes MA, the author of Belisarius: The Last Roman General, Stilicho: The Vandal Who Saved Rome (2010), Aetius: Attila’s Nemes is (2012

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Ian Hughes, Assistant Director: Killer Elite. Ian Hughes is an assistant director and actor, known for Killer Elite (2011), Bronson (2008) and Submarine (2010).

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Ian Hughes’s career has spanned scientist, government science policy ...

Ian Hughes’s career has spanned scientist, government science policy ...

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