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Gabriel Heatter - Photograph Signed
Gabriel Heatter - Photograph Signed

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GABRIEL HEATTER Small b/w photo of Heatter from the chest up in dark suit-and-tie Photograph signed "Gabriel Heatter". With pencil notations in unknown hand on verso. B/w, 5¼x8½ overall, 3¼x4¼ image, one surface. Heatter (1890-1972, born in New York City), national news commentator, was known for beginning his newscasts, "There's great news tonight!" He also hosted the popular national radio show, We the People. Heatter had gained national fame with his coverage of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial in 1935. Lightly creased, otherwise in fine condition. - Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional information. DOCUMENT 278269

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  • The Mainstream Media's Agenda-Driven Journalism

    11/02/15 ,via

    Radio was our prime source of keeping up with the news and legendary journalists like H.V. Kaltenborn, Gabriel Heatter and Robert Trout. They were among the most trusted men in the country, all of whom took the responsibility of reporting the news

  • UPI Almanac for Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015

    09/17/15 ,via

    They include the second chief justice of the United States, John Rutledge in 1739; Norwegian historian/Nobel Peace Prize laureate Christian Lous Lange in 1869; radio news commentator Gabriel Heatter in 1890; Marriott Corp. founder J. Willard Marriott


NF452 Photo GABRIEL HEATTER Broadcasting News 11/25/15, @pinasalvopi


  • There's Good News Tonight

    1960. 216 pages.

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  • The Charlie Daniels Band

    10/30/15 ,via

    Radio was our prime source of keeping up with the news and legendary journalists like H.V. Kaltenborn, Gabriel Heatter and Robert Trout were among the most trusted men in the country who took the responsibility of reporting the news honestly and unabridged ...

  • Fall brings new beginnings for grammar school students | Glover

    10/14/15 ,via New Jersey Online

    It was Friday night by the radio, with Pop listening to Stan Lomax, Lowell Thomas, Gabriel Heatter, Frank Singizer and Elmer Davis as they brought us un-slanted war news. It was a night of fun and excitement as we laughed along with Amos and Andy ...

  • Let's Hear It For Vitaphone!

    08/26/15 ,via Indie Wire Film Blog

    has funded restoration of fifty shorts we’ve never seen before. As radio commentator Gabriel Heatter used to say, “There’s good news tonight!” In 1926, Warner Bros. began filming Broadway, opera, and vaudeville stars, at their Burbank and Brooklyn ...


Gabriel Heatter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gabriel Heatter (September 17, 1890, New York City – March 30, 1972, Miami, Florida) was an American radio commentator whose World War II-era sign-on, "There's good ...

Radio Days - Gabriel Heatter - Old Time Radio (OTR ...

Gabriel Heatter was one of the premier commentators of the radio news broadcasting age.

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Gabriel Heatter. Classic commentary from the optimistic newsman Gabriel Heatter, the broadcaster with the "good news tonight." 6 old time radio show recordings

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Gabriel Heatter, a radio journalist rivaled only by Walter Winchell and Edward R. Murrow in his time, was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan to immigrant ...

Gabriel Heatter

Gabriel Heatter

Gabriel Heatter | Old Time Radio

Gabriel Heatter | Old Time Radio

Gabriel Heatter Quotes - Jim's Favorite Famous Quote, Quip, Axiom, and ...

Gabriel Heatter Quotes - Jim's Favorite Famous Quote, Quip, Axiom, and ...

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