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Will & Strength of character Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally Holding T.V.'s 8 x 10 inch Photo
Will & Strength of character Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally Holding T.V.'s 8 x 10 inch Photo

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How might educational leaders and teachers improve literacy achievement in schools serving communities experiencing high levels of poverty? This question is the focus of this book. Drawing on long-term case studies of four primary schools located in these communities, this book describes the difference between what is commonly practiced and those practices that have a greater chance of supporting young people’s literacy learning.

In this multi-layered analysis of the effects of policy on practice, the authors: discuss global concerns with literacy policy and testing in view of the growing gaps between rich and poor; examine the effects of the intensification of inequality and entrenched poverty, and the implications for schools; illustrate how deficit discourses pertaining to communities living in poverty are contested in schools; and describe the complexities of sustaining pedagogical and curriculum change to address the problem of unequal educational outcomes in literacy.

This book grapples with some of the most debated questions regarding educational disadvantage, school change, leadership and literacy pedagogy that face educational researchers, policy-makers and practitioners internationally. As well as providing a critique of the risks of current policy rationales, it conveys some hopeful accounts of practice that provide leads for further development.

Debra Messing on bringing back Will and Grace: ‘never say never’

If you’re a fan of Will and Grace , you’ve no doubt seen the 9-minute mini-episode, of the original cast – Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally – reprising their roles and discussing the upcoming elections. It’s hilarious, but not as funny as the terrible laugh track will make you believe. Debra on the reunion: It was immediate, electric joy [when she got the call from show co-creator Max Mutchnick]. ” I thought it was such an incredible idea. Will & Grace was always about being irreverent about whatever was going on in the world. With how unprecedented this election cycle has been, there’s no perfect time than right now for the show to be on based on the kind of show it was and the kind of comedy we did. To find out that after 10. 5 years of being away from it and be able to come back and have this reunion — and Max had the sets, which was so insane — so to do this homage sketch and revisit the characters and to have fun with what’s been going on... The show was always funny and fun. Rehearsals were funny, read-throughs — the very first one of the script — were always funny. Across the board, the network would always show up because they knew it was going to be funny right out of the gate. From moment one [of the reunion], there was a tremendous happiness — but also a real sadness — because we knew it was brief: it was going to be 24. 5 hours and then we were going to be done. we had a lot of our original writers and producers and crew there. There was a sense of, “This is incredible and it’s all going to be over way too soon. Debra on filming the episode: It was incredible and not something I ever thought could ever be possible…. Of course people were saying, “I wish this wouldn’t end. This is what the country needs with all the craziness. ” There was a longing to keep the family together. But at the end of the day, it was like a family coming together for a wedding: family members from far and wide, having big party, hugging and saying goodbye and realizing that we shared something really special. Eric on bringing W&G back: There is no official talk. A lot of that started the past 36 hours on the internet, which can create its own crazy expectations. We had a great time. It’s a never say. Source: Cele|bitchy

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  • Will & Grace Made a New Trump-vs-Clinton Episode After 10 Years So You Will Vote

    09/29/16 ,via Mediaite

    Debra Messing's Grace Adler and Eric McCormack's Will Truman are busy trying to explain to Jack why a vote for Clinton is of such vital importance. Please watch Grace give her speech to Jack. Please do it. Then, stick around to see what finally

  • REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS: Reported Sept. 25, 2016

    09/25/16 ,via Herald-Whig

    Debra S. Prewitt, residence in Quincy Township, to Debra S. Prewitt and Ricky F. Prewitt. Mary L. Eising estate, Kay E. Kayser, Callie Lambert and Garrett C. Lambert, farmland in McKee Township, to Beth A. Hayes and Mark T. Hayes. Ciara M. Lambert


Here's some fun! Can we encourage lotsa shows to do #NeverTrump #ImWithHer episodes? 09/27/16, @JRLgdnr
The show's co-star Sean Hayes tweeted a photo of himself with Eric, Debra and Megan Mullally and wrote "We're baaaaaaack!," which may... 09/27/16, @dailyindiannews


  • Debra's Tomato Salad

    anchovy fillets, cucumber, eggs, garlic, olive oil, red onions, red wine vinegar, romaine lettuce, salt, tomato, sugar, yellow onions


  • The Gorehound's Guide to Splatter Films of the 1980s

    McFarland. 2003. ISBN: 9781476611327,1476611327. 398 pages.

    Reviews of The Gorehound's Guide to Splatter Films of the 1960s and 1970s: "recommended"--Booklist/RBB; "exhaustive...useful"--ARBA; "a solid reference work"--Video Watchdog; "bursting with information, opinion and trivia...impeccably researched"--Film Review; "interesting and informative"--Rue Morgue; "detailed credits...entertaining"--Classic Images. Author Scott Aaron Stine is back again, this time with an exhaustive study of splatter films of the 1980s. Following a brief overview of the genre, the main part of the book is a filmography. Each entry includes extensive technical information; cast and production credits; release date; running time; alternate and foreign release titles; comments on the availability of the film on videocassette and DVD; a plot synopsis; commentary from the author; and reviews. Extensive cross-referencing is also included. Heavily illustrated.


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